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  1. James Gandolfini
    I've watched several movies I would never see just out of curiosity as to what he would do in them. His "Inside the Actors Studio" episode is the best one I've seen. I made a list of more of those here: Best Episodes of "Inside the Actors Studio"
  2. Denzel Washington
    I like that he completely disappears in the 1-2 years between his projects. Then all of a sudden he's back and just completely lights up the screen in whatever he is. Then disappears again! The definition of a movie star. Also, he doesn't always make the best movies necessarily, but I am definitely WAY more likely to see a flat-looking movie if he's the star. He legitimizes anything.
  3. Jonah Hill
    Invented the new high water mark for the line where comedy and drama merge.
  4. Zach Galifianakis
    Whatever he plays, he takes the character to another level. Extremely versatile even in comedy lead roles, let alone drama.
  5. Owen Wilson
    @mindy pointed out to me how silly and/or dreary Midnight in Paris could have been if it had starred any other lead actor who didn't embody this wide-eyed and offbeat wonder.
  6. Zoe Kazan
    (@zoe) Always picks interesting movies and roles and always elevates them.
  7. Mark Wahlberg
    So watchable, whether it's in a Scorsese movie or Wahlburgers on A & E.