American Themed Restaurants in Other Countries ➕

I love these. Please contribute if you know any.
  1. Breakfast in America, Paris
  2. White Trash Fast Food, Berlin
  3. Downtown Diner, Amsterdam
  4. Mc Coy Cafe, Paris
    Suggested by   @dev
  5. American western saloon, Berlin
    Suggested by   @dev
  6. Captain America's, Dublin
    Suggested by   @evehewson
  7. The All American Diner, Delhi
    Suggested by   @gabe
  8. Indiana Cafe, Paris
    The first time I walked by this spot in Paris I was so confused. They serve Tex Mex. it makes zero sense.
    Suggested by   @Abby
  9. O'Learys, a Boston themed Irish Sports bar franchise with locations across Sweden, Finland, and Denmark
    Suggested by   @EricW
  10. CaliBurger, Manila
    Suggested by   @thom
  11. Buffalo Grill, Beaune France
    Suggested by   @mattselman
  12. Coffee Parisien, Paris
    The placemats have all the American presidents on them.
    Suggested by   @cabinson
  13. Route 66, Kassel Germany
    Suggested by   @hgulla