1. Dept. Of Speculation by Jenny Offill
    Every page is beautiful, memorable, abstract. As is the book overall.
  2. Conversations with Woody Allen by Eric Lax
    This book came out a few years ago. It's long and amazing. I read some every night.
  3. Champagne Supernovas
    Engaging, quick, well-written nonfiction account of 90s fashion. Loved the chapters on Kate Moss and Marc Jacobs especially. Chapters on Steve McQueen interesting as well.
  4. 101 Things I Learned in Architecture School
    I've learned a number of things from this book. That number may not be 101 but it's more than zero. A great series!
  5. Diary of a Wimpy Kid
    Wanted to see what the fuss was about it. I get it. I liked it!