1. Batman
    Jack Nicholson as the Joker? The entire supervillain megastar casting phenomenon owes its genesis to this. Keaton also great. Burton also great. Elfman also great. Prince "soundtrack" album ("inspired by") also great.
  2. Batman Returns
    Big step down. But had Danny Devito as the Penguin and Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman (pioneering the two-megavillain trend) and still had Keaton, Burton, Elfman.
  3. The Dark Knight
    Heath Ledger's performance was riveting and inspiring. I leaned in whenever he was onscreen. Enough to make most people forget - or never realize - that Christopher Nolan is a joyless and incomprehensible filmmaker.
  4. Batman and Robin
    Jim Carrey and Arnold Schwartzenneger made me excited. The movie made me sad. Also, could never figure out how I felt about Debi Mazar.
  5. Batman Forever
    This was so bad I remember feeling baffled in the theater at how it had been made and released.
  6. Batman Begins / The Dark Night Rises
    Really put the "No" in "Nolan" for me. This Nolan worship must be stopped. It is not our society celebrating his intelligence, it is a way of punishing ourselves and expressing our shame at not being as smart as we think we should be and we think he must be.