Best Books About Film and Entertainment

These are my favorites.
  1. Easy Riders, Raging Bulls by Peter Siskind
    The most exciting book about the most exciting time in film: the 1970s. Each director who comes on the scene - Altman, Coppola, Lucas, Spielberg, Scorsese - seems to be the pinnacle until the next one. Intoxicating and illuminating.
  2. Do The Movies Have a Future? by David Denby
    Fantastic, clear, challenging book about how movies used to be the "national theater" of the United States, and how it has devolved into a two-track culture of unambitious blockbuster movies that say nothing, and ambitious independent films that no one sees. Interesting, depressing, inspiring.
  3. The Conversations: Walter Murch and the Art of Film Editing
    One of the most insightful books about film from a perspective few of us outside the field ever consider.
  4. Save the Cat by Blake Snyder
    One of the simplest and best books about screenwriting, and the only one I know of that's worth recommending.
  5. How To Write Movies for Fun and Profit by Lennon and Garant
    Lennon and Garant, the duo behind many successful comedy movies including the Night at the Museum Franchise, wrote this funny book filled with actual, practical, usable information about the film business. Fun.
  6. Where Did I Go Right? by Bernie Brillstein
    A warm, humble, funny, candid memoir by the late legendary producer and manager of Jim Henson, Lorne Michaels, and many others.
  7. 101 Things I Learned in Film School
    This was a gift from @LevNovak and damned if it didn't deliver: intuitive and intelligent principles, clearly and succinctly expressed.