When these are great, these are great. Anyone seen an episode that was especially interesting or insightful?
  1. James Gandolfini
    He is such a natural, especially at playing a blue collar guy, that it can be a bit of a surprise to find out what an unbelievably dedicated person he is to the craft of acting.
  2. Anthony Hopkins
    Also Hugh Jackman is always a solid choice. He can't not be entertaining.
    Suggested by @allie
  3. The cast of the Simpsons
    Just plain funny and actually just as interesting as some of the other "real" episodes.
    Suggested by @donnie
  4. Dave Chapelle
    Hearing James Lipton discuss "Half Baked" is one of the greatest moments on Inside the Actors Studio.
    Suggested by @Nicholas
  5. The Dave Chappelle 2-parter, after he came back from Africa. Honest, raw (http:/www.guavaleaf.com/video/21681/Dave-Chappelle--Inside-The-Actors-Studio) Such an intimate experience, it established an intriguing and lasting bond between them such that, for the show's 200th ep, Lipton sat in the interviewee chair and let Chappelle interview him.
    Suggested by @lyndabee
  6. The cast of Mad Men
    I could watch them play word association games forever.
    Suggested by @lgw
  7. Alec Baldwin
    When asked how an actor ends up in bad movies he said "It's like the producers are telling you, 'Come to Fiji with us. We're all going to Fiji.' But then you get there and after a few days it hits you: Wait a minute. I'm not in Fiji. I'm in New Jersey."
    Suggested by @notalexreid
  8. Sylvester Stallone
    One might not think this one would be on the list, but his honesty was evident in regards to how he broke though. He totally bet on himself with ROCKY, paid off in spades. He also spoke reverently about so many actors he knew from his early days. Hard working people that never "made it" and left the business, and what a shame it was that the world would never see performances by actors more gifted than he.
    Suggested by @ReeseGolchin
  9. Bradley Cooper
    This one is really special since he was a student there and was once featured asking Sean Penn a question during the Q and A portion. It's so real and sweet and charming and he's much more intelligent than most people think.
    Suggested by @mia
  10. Dustin Hoffman
    I mean duh.
    Suggested by @mia
  11. Jennifer Aniston
    Did you know she was punk in high school?
    Suggested by @lenadunham
  12. Tom Cruise. I used to go to all the tapings and his was the best. Easily the most charismatic person ever on any show, had a lot of insightful things to say about creativity, several months before he jumped on the couch
    Suggested by @jenny