1. Beef short rib taco from Kogi truck
  2. Dry curry red snapper from Jitlada
  3. In N' Out hamburger (double meat ketchup and mustard instead of sauce yes onions)
  4. Toro hand roll from Sugarfish
  5. Banana leaf wrapped chicken mole tamal from Guelaguetza
  6. Soon tofu soup from Beverly Soon Tofu
  7. Cheese challah from Canter's deli
  8. Carne asada tacos from Cactus Taqueria
  9. Raviolo from Osteria Mozza
  10. Soyrizo and egg whites from 101 Cafe
  11. Pescado Saltado (off menu) from Mario's Peruvian Seafood
  12. Burger from Bar Marmont
  13. Veggie Joe from Swingers