This isn't that helpful a list, @maisie, but it did help me realize something: how much experience and memory color the ice cream experience, maybe more than any other food?
  1. Brigham's (RIP)
    Anyone from Boston remember this one? @mindy? The pride of my hometown in my childhood. Their vanilla was their signature, I think. That was bold.
  2. Thrifty
    I'll be honest, I'm not really sure if this is really truly the best, but it sure tastes like it, and so therefore, it is. Does the fact that it's the in-house Rite Aid brand add to the pleasure? Yes. But is that any less worthy than extra sugar or cream adding to the taste experience?
  3. Dairy Freeze
    Also going old school Massachusetts here. This Dairy Queen knockoff in Quincy, MA (also not to be confused with the Tastee Freeze in "Jack and Diane") served up incredible orange creamsicle flavored ice cream. Again: I'm realizing environment means a lot to the ice cream experience.
  4. Ben and Jerry's
    We all know this is good ice cream.