People who are at their best in interviews. Add yours! Bonus points for links. As I type these I realize that often the source is @nymag / @vulture
  1. Chris Rock
  2. Aaron Sorkin
  3. Quentin Tarantino
  4. Rihanna
  5. Orson Welles
    My favorite interviewee. He is so charismatic and one of the best storytellers of all times. The book "My Lunches by Orson", which is basically a transcript of the conversations he had with the filmmaker Henry Jaglom over many lunches, shows what a genial conversationalist he was.
    Suggested by @lenouch
  6. Hitchcock by Francois Truffaut.
    Fascinating interview! Hitchcock gives personal definitions of suspense, humor, sexiness... And the woman who translates everything is very charming.
    Suggested by @lenouch
  7. Christopher Hitchens
    He is wonderful in interviews! I highly recommend his book "Arguably" , a collection of provocative and acerbic essays. There are a bunch of great interviews of him available online.
    Suggested by @lenouch
  8. Jon Brion
    I am unbelievably biased. That said, his insights into art, performance, composition - and really just about everything - is fascinating. Here's an especially great hour-long interview:
    Suggested by @Nicholas
  9. Kanye West
    So many legendary interviews and profiles. But this one was fun:
    Suggested by @stars
  10. Oprah
    Interviewed by a grad student. I felt like I was Oprah by the end of it.
    Suggested by @abbinka
  11. Sacha Baron Cohen
    Always hilarious whenever interviewed as a character, but his interview with Terry Gross is also a great listen:
    Suggested by @cheesecakefactory
  12. Mindy Kaling
    She's great in every interview, even with bad questions, she is always amazing answering things (and asking too, as pointed by her interview with Jessica Chastain). My favorite is this one where she was interviewed by Lena Dunham, for Rookie:
    Suggested by @nathalia
  13. Ed Harris
    Because he doesn't take himself so seriously.
    Suggested by @jpaul
  14. Carl Sagan
    He was so incredibly optimistic and positive. He once went on Johnny Carson with a model of a new idea for a spacecraft that sails on wind from the sun. I can't find that. But here he is on the news, selling peace and space travel to the general public. And, man, what a voice.
    Suggested by @CraigAinsley
  15. Salman Rushdie-erudite,clever with an obviously interesting narrative
    Suggested by @ilinyc
  16. Bill Burr
    He has a natural chemistry with Conan and his misanthropic attitude is both relatable and hilarious.
    Suggested by @meganjh
  17. Peter Sarsgaard
    Suggested by @connmik