1. First and foremost: Whatever inspires you! We are learning from this group.
  2. The kind of things your friends ask you for advice about.
    What are you often asked about? What books to take on vacation? What to watch on TV? Workouts? What to do in a certain city? What brands of beer to buy for a party? Keys to handling a breakup? These lists will be most useful in the long run, once we have thousands of users and people search for certain words. You could have the definitive list for whatever someone is looking for.
  3. Something about animals idk
    Suggested by @keonovak
  4. Something praising your sister ☺️
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    Suggested by @keonovak
  5. Anything you have a unique opinion on.
    Life, sports, annoyances, funny observations, inspirations - these things are often best expressed in list form and we want this to be the ultimate place to put and find those self-expressions.