Jitlada is a Thai restaurant in Los Angeles. Ask to say hi to Jazz, the co-owner. She is an unforgettable character. One of my favorite restaurants. Jitladala.com
  1. Crying tiger beef
    Appetizer. Crowd pleaser. The spice is in the sauce so you can adjust to taste.
  2. Pepper salmon
  3. Massaman Curry Salmon
  4. Celebrity chicken
    One of their most popular signature dishes.
  5. Spicy mint noodle w / beef
    Pretty spicy but can be adjusted. You can also order Pad See Ew for a similar effect without the mint or spice.
  6. Red curry
    All their curries are especially good but I think this one is best.
  7. Dry curry red snapper
    This is my very favorite item on the menu but it is so spicy I always borderline regret it.
  8. Mango red snapper
    Most of their fish items are whole fish, which can be hard to share. But this one is a fillet, and very sweet.
  9. Jazzburger
    I've never ordered this but I've been with people who have. It's a whole production. It's off menu, not always available, a million ingredients in it including maybe squid ink? Those who have tried it find it very fun and special.
  10. Spicy mint chicken
    Just a great standard
  11. Garlic pepper chicken
    Just a great standard
  12. Mango & sticky rice (dessert)
    Not always available but always worth asking.
  13. Southern Curry Pineapple
    Recommended to me but not yet tried
  14. Honey Crispy Duck
  15. Seventh Heaven