1. A beach that is not Santa Monica or Venice
    Santa Monica has the pier, Venice has the history and quirkiness; both good choices. But for these purposes I recommend a beach in Malibu such as Zuma or El Matador or La Piedra.
  2. Sugarfish
    A popular sushi spot with an extremely good and affordable prix fixe at several LA locations.
  3. Hike in the hills
    Griffith Park if you're from out of town (avoid the park itself and drive straight up to the hike by the Observatory)
  4. Los Feliz / Sunset Junction in Silverlake
    These are two walkable east side neighborhoods with more style and individuality to their shops and street life than the neighborhoods more famous among visitors.
  5. Grand Central Market
    Food market downtown. Recently renovated. Very good energy and food. Maybe combine it with another downtown activity. Such as...
  6. The Last Bookstore
    A gem of a place in downtown LA. An incredible environment in a former bank building, stuffed with unique discoveries.