I'm having a nostalgic Sunday, thinking back to my childhood, decided to try to put it to good use. If you have kids and are in Boston, these are the best things to do.
  1. Children's Discovery Museum
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    All the way in suburban Acton, a beautiful sleepy town, and worth the 20-30 minute drive. This museum in a refurbished house is filled with calm excitement - the small size and home setting makes science feel much more intimate, achievable, fun, and powerful to a kid. I loved this place the most.
  2. Boston Science Museum
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    Right in Boston. The big, exciting science museum. Also has an Omni (IMAX) theater and great planetarium.
  3. Boston Public Garden
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    The most beautiful part of downtown Boston. A beautiful park with a "make way for ducklings" statue (pictured) and paddle boats. Makes cities look grand.
  4. Harvard Square
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    Always nice to walk around, but especially so on a summer night, when the street performers are out.
  5. Fenway Park
    If it's baseball season, and anyone has the patience for a baseball game, this is a magical place. If not, skip it.
  6. Salem Witch Museum
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    Half an hour away. Cool and spooky. Bonus points: you are learning serious American history.
  7. Drumlin Farm
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    Maintained by the Audobon Society as an educational farm. If you've never seen this type of New England farm before, it's really cool to see. Over Thanksgiving I took a group of cousins from ages 9-35 and everyone had a great time.
  8. New England Aquarium
    Little blue penguins! Plus, there's a Legal Seafood across the street if you and the little ones get hungry looking at all the fish
    Suggested by @Waz