I know there are a million apps for this. But I don't know what's good. Just for getting prints of the kind of snapshots of friends and family you take on an iPhone. What do people actually use and why? What's easy and high quality so I can frame some photos up in here?
  1. I have used Artifact Uprising for square prints and the experience was great. In terms of ease of use (printing from the app) and paper quality, I think they're a good bet.
    Suggested by @alligeeshow
  2. Social Print Studio
    Really good options for printing out pictures from social media
    Suggested by @mess
  3. Chatbooks
    Link your Instagram account to this app and have two options. Option 1: make your own book of 30 photos (you can upload plain ol' photos from your photo library!) Option 2: sign up to have all your Instagram photos displayed into a series of books. With the Ongoing Book Series, every 60 photos you take on Instagram will be made into a book, after you confirm. Locations, dates, and captions also included with either a softcover or hardcover option. $8 for soft overs, pretty reasonable.
    Suggested by @bwyatt
  4. Snapfish
    100 free prints a month with matte or glossy print options when you sign up and use their app. Nice quality and speedy delivery.
    Suggested by @bwyatt
  5. The FreePrints app
    You get something like 80-90 free prints every month and only ever have to pay shipping. I've never had to pay more than $7 for an order. Shameless plug: Use invite code reisenberg2 to sign up and I get bonus prints. @FreePrintsApp
    Suggested by @ryeisenberg
  6. Print Studio
    The app is fun and easy to use. I had a good experience.
    Suggested by @hollymclisting
  7. Artifact Uprising
    They have a super easy app that integrates with many photo platforms right on your phone. I've used them only for sets of smaller prints, but the quality is awesome for the price. Their frames, books, and other sets look gorgeous & I've heard great things about them!
    Suggested by @maggieannre
  8. I've used PostalPix & Artifacts Uprising. Both great.
    Suggested by @element75
  9. Impressed app
    I love the paper quality of the Impressed prints. http://www.impressedapp.com
    Suggested by @catherineawalsh
  10. Timeshel
    Easy to use app, great quality, square printing option. They work on a monthly subscription model (30 prints for $15 or 10 for $6) which I like because it forces me to print photos every month.
    Suggested by @sandraamstutz
  11. Costco!
    the quality might surprise you, and last I checked, white borders were optional which I always really love. for 4x6 prints; not Instagram. FYI Instagram is very low resolution and not meant for print at all! everything is so pixelated!
    Suggested by @boygirlparty
  12. Http:// MPix.com
    I'm a pro 📷 and use Millers Lab. MPix is the sister lab for consumer prints. The quality is 💯 especially compared to Shutterfly, Snapfish and drugstore prints. The paper is great, the printers are routinely calibrated and they have lots of product options. I also like artifact uprising and pinhole pro for instagram stuff
    Suggested by @LeahHaydock