1. "1-800-54-GIANT"
    Giant Glass. Still in operation, still advertises at Red Sox games. I always have wondered how a window repair company could afford so much advertising.
  2. "We're the ones for you, New England... New England Telephone"
    The coziest jingle from a simpler time. Even typing it gives me a sentimental chill. A regional telephone company! Making the case that they're the ones for you!
  3. "423, 4-5-4-5"
    @mindy just reminded me of this one. Boston Herald classified ads. "423, 4-5-4-5... Boston moves to the Herald." From a time before area codes were necessary to say in a regional commercial. Everyone was 617! Except my friend @kerily who was way out in 413.
  4. Wah-Wachusett
    Suggested by @brewer
  5. "Water country, water country - have some fun!"
    Suggested by @Shulamit
  6. "Quality comfort and price--that's nice!"
    Suggested by @Wilson
  7. "Silver-lake Dodge! And leasing! On Route 9, in Wellesley."
    Hear it often in my head on my way to Silverlake
    Suggested by @helytimes
  8. Tweeter! For times like these...
    Suggested by @dball
  9. "A is for apples, B is for Bick-fahds!"
    That creepy child, amirite?!
    Suggested by @ameliarunyan