All I think about are the poor social media interns who have to explain the bad news to their baffled supervisors. Please add in suggestions.
  1. Toyota RAV4
    Kanye West, "Run This Town"
  2. Intercontinental Hotels
    Drake, "Trophies"
  3. Burger King
    Digital Underground, "The Humpty Dance"
  4. Gucci, Louis Vitton, Fendi, Prada
    Kreayshawn, "Gucci Gucci"
  5. Wiffle Ball Bat
    Beastie Boys, "Paul Revere"
    Suggested by @angusisley
  6. Doritos, Cool Ranch division
    "XXX," Danny Brown
    Suggested by @jordan
  7. Calvin Klein
    Run-D.M.C., "Rock Box"
    Suggested by @Adubs
  8. Red Lobster
    "Big Ol' Butt" - L.L. Cool J. The Grammy host's stalking grounds (when he's not cruising schoolyards!) to pick up on unsuspecting waitresses.
    Suggested by @JimGibson
  9. Green Giant, Delta Airlines, Fritos
    Coming 2 America, Ludacris
    Suggested by @jentin
  10. Charleston Chew
    "Forgot about Dre" Dr. Dre featuring Eminem
    Suggested by @nickloris
  11. Tupperware
    "Hoes In My Room" - Ludacris feat. Snoop Dogg. I'm still not sure what tupperware titties are, but it definitely doesn't sound like a good thing.
    Suggested by @ashley