Celebrity Profiles That Would Be Fun to Write Just for the Title ➕

  1. Slattery Will Get You Everywhere
  2. Pro Zac Nation
    Rejected headline for a Zac Efron profile. I was so bummed.
    Suggested by   @daniellenuss
  3. The Le'Veon Bell and the Butterfly
    A think piece about Steelers RB1 Le'veon Bell and his love of insect migration
    Suggested by   @Waz
  4. A Shore Thing
    This was probably already used when Encino Man came out.
    Suggested by   @hollis
  5. I Did It All For The Snookie
    Suggested by   @AlexandraLouise
  6. Gandolfinito: mourning a legend
    Suggested by   @tombatten
  7. Blatter is relieved
    Suggested by   @Marc
  8. Rock? Uh, Bye Baby: It's Dwayne Johnson
    Suggested by   @AlexandraLouise
  9. Carrot Back On Top
    The rise, fall, and rise of a comic legend.
    Suggested by   @JimGibson
  10. On huffpo right now...
    Suggested by   @Marc
  11. Bury My Heart at Sevigny
    Suggested by   @sloane_crosley
  12. Hart and Soul
    The Story of Kevin Hart
    Suggested by   @mlh
  13. Grammer Lesson
    The Story of Kelsey Grammer (or a reference for @PaulScheer)
    Suggested by   @mlh
  14. A Weekend with Bernie Sanders
    Suggested by   @jonathan
  15. Jermaine Dupri-school
    Class is in session, kids.
    Suggested by   @QuinnBeswick
  16. Romantz: Jim Nantz's life and love behind the mic
    Suggested by   @happywill