1. Bejota1
    In Spanish class the name "B.J." was pronounced "Beh-Hota." After I traveled to Costa Rica on a community service trip in the summer after sophomore year, I kept in touch via letters with some kids I met who I noticed spelled my name phonetically, "Bejota." I loved this and used it when I could find an excuse. Someone must have beat me to it on AIM so I got Bejota1.
  2. ChestStetson
    My former college roommate and current best friend has the name Chess Stetson. I created this name in college to impersonate a cockier version of Chess to people who knew us both. I guess I have always loved creating social media characters. Chess, I'm sorry.
  3. DaxSux44
    Okay. My first big break was on the show "Punk'd," replacing Dax Shepard, who seemed impossibly famous to me at the time. In a silly way I took him on as a rival in my mind, and constructed this screen name. "DaxSux" was available but I wanted to imply this was a very popular sentiment on AIM. Sorry, Dax. You're a really good actor and you don't sux.