1. UCB Theater
    This is the clear winner in my opinion if you want to see the most contemporary, interesting comedy being done by talented new people. Bonus: very affordable price. Hit and miss but so is everything. Highlights: Carmen Esposito's standup show on Tuesdays, ASSSSCAT on weekends, Shitty Jobs on Sundays.
  2. The Improv
    My personal favorite of the traditional comedy clubs. The most polished and comfortable environment, by a slight margin in my opinion. Call ahead to hear the lineup! But that is just a personal "brand" choice. There is great comedy also being done at... And as always, comedy clubs are hit and miss and expensive...
  3. The Laugh Factory
    On the Sunset Strip. HIGHLY recommend Chocolate Sundays, the black show on Sunday nights. Really great shows.
  4. The Comedy Store
    Not my personal scene but I respect it as the toughest room in town and the most legendary in LA if not the country. On the Sunset Strip, blocks from the Laugh Factory.