Please include a link to the most persuasive case you can find.
  1. In a 2004 presidential debate against John Kerry, George W. Bush was fed lines through an ear piece.
    This is not a partisan critique, just a claim that seemed shocking to me and never denied persuasively. @jonfavs any insight here?
  2. Engineered obsolescence of technology...
    Make things fail after a while, so that we are forced to upgrade or buy more...
    Suggested by @johnny
  3. Silly news headlines as cover-ups
    Every time some ludicrous news story blankets mass media, I automatically think we’re being distracted from a more critical happening (It always happens during big Kardashian weeks) The most recent obvious conspiracy? That absurd Rachel Dolezal story (that we somehow forgot already). That week, it was reported U.S. police have killed 500 people this year, 39 more in the last six months than 2014. Also, clearing your browser’s history could land you in prison for 20 years:
    Suggested by @bobbyhundreds
  4. Beyoncé wasn't actually pregnant
    NOT THAT I CARE OR THAT IT REALLY MATTERS but the folding pillow video was too iffy. They're still the first family of my iTunes tho💃👶🏾✨
    Suggested by @minirachel
  5. The Panama Deception
    There's a doc about this that is a scary account of the U.S. government using the media to lie in huge, scary ways. God bless Twitter.
    Suggested by @film114
  6. Laundry detergent companies heighten the lines on their cups so you use more than necessary and hence buy more detergent.
    Suggested by @GrahamTravis
  7. Solange and Beyonce aren't sister. Solange is -- shocker! -- Beyonce's daughter.
    There sadly is not one definitive link to this, mostly because I'm scared to make one and be sued for defamation, but def look up the ages of her Girls Time group members. It's the main thing not included in this Buzzfeed roundup:
    Suggested by @carlyewisel
  8. Malaysian Airlines MH370 is NOT resting on the bottom of the Southern Indian Ocean
    Suggested by @joshthecook