Favorite Apps

Thanks for the request. I'm biased towards one in particular... Here are a few of my favorites.
  1. Shazam
    The OG magic app that made me want an iPhone. Still use it almost every day.
  2. Postmates
    I rely on this way, way more than would sound healthy to admit.
  3. Find My iPhone
    I use it only a couple of times a year but when I do I thank the heavens that this was invented.
  4. Slack
    For the perfect intra-office organization and jokes and gifs. And the genius of my close personal friend who I see all the time @stewart
  5. Uber
    For revolutionizing how all cities feel to me. (Using the old logo deliberately.)
  6. Spotify
    For the selection, curation, and ease
  7. Giphy
    A lot of fun, and such great people work there.
  8. The List App
    For the community and the incredible self-expression, advice, and creativity I've never found anywhere else. And the team behind it.