One of my favorite things in the world is a long beach where you can walk forever. I'm picturing the last shot of The Shawshank Redemption (supposedly Zihuantanejo but I've been there and it's a bullshit little cove). Does anyone have a favorite beach where you can truly walk more than an hour in the same direction? Please format w/ pic & location.
  1. Cape Cod National Seashore
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    40 miles uninterrupted from Chatham to Provincetown. Beautiful, framed by tall fragile dunes. No development on the whole stretch.
  2. Point Dume / Zuma Beach, Malibu, CA
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    I love this place. To me it's all the same beach, although according to the maps, parking lots, and local lore, they're separate. Zuma is the more traditional public-feeling one, and Pt. Dume is maybe a little prettier and quieter and more distinct. They're connected by a single stretch of beach, though.
  3. Point Reyes National Seashore, Pt. Reyes, CA
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    I saw this in a hypnotic HD program I used to have on in the background sometimes, "Sunrise Earth." I made it a point to visit and it was just as beautiful as I'd imagined, though painfully windy.
  4. Tulum, Mexico
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    Points deducted because it is far away, expensive to get there, and occasionally on the beach you pass a semi-obnoxious semi-clubby little hotel, which can break your trance. But the most beautiful sand, color of water, and reliably hot temperature.
  5. Playa Coyote, Costa Rica
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    Wide, beautiful, tranquil, simple and yet still distinct. Probably far from the only beautiful long beach like this in Costa Rica but the one I know.
  6. Plum Island, MA
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    My favorite beach in the entire world, an 11 mile stretch that runs down a chunk of the Massachusetts north shore. It's also a national wildlife refuge and home to a lot of cute birds. I spent my childhood there daring my friends to jump into the ocean with their clothes on, and now I go to have picnics with my mom.
    Suggested by @sky
  7. Wailea, Maui, HI
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    Starting at Keawakapu or deep in the heart of resortlandia further south, you can walk for miles in either direction. Feet buried in perfect sand, face open to the sky and the surrounding islands (Lanai and Kaho'olawe) and the sheer force of Haleakala crater to your side. Home.
    Suggested by @lilydiamond
  8. Siesta Key, Florida
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    This is the first beach I went to that wasn't Cape Cod. It was shocking to me to see how clear the water is, how soft the sand is, and how the weather is always amazing. I'm sure there are nicer ones out there but this one isn't too crowded, has perfect never ending waves, and seems to go on forever. 💖🐬🐚🏊🏽
    Suggested by @Mary
  9. The Lost Coast, Humboldt/Mendocino, CA
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    Sun warmed black sand beaches. And so quiet. The 25 mile Lost Coast Trail is great for backpacking.
    Suggested by @AllieLarkin
  10. Long Beach Peninsula, WA
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    Just over the Columbia River from Astoria, Oregon, I've always heard this to be the longest continuous stretch of beach in the world - 28 miles long - and there's an giant sign there proclaiming the same.
    Suggested by @sloan
  11. Popham Beach State Park in Phippsburg, ME
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    Often considered Maine's best beach,what makes this place so special, besides feeling like you are in the middle of nowhere and can walk really far without seeing a lot of people or buildings or any signs of human life, really, is that at low tide the sandbars are huge and you can walk all the way out to Fox Island! Just don't get stuck, those tides are seriously fast-moving and you'd have to swim back to shore in ice cold water.
    Suggested by @stamos
  12. Pine Point and Old Orchard Beach
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    Years ago when I was training for a half marathon I would do a lot of my longer runs on this beach. It goes on for what feels like forever, 9 miles total I think, and while the OOB can feel a little trashy (and overrun with Quebecois in August -- seriously, you see as many Canadian flags here as you do in downtown Montreal), it's super fun to walk to and from Pine Point to the pier, and a quick spin on the rollercoaster at Palace Playland followed by some pier fries is always a good idea.
    Suggested by @stamos
  13. Kiawah Island, South Carolina
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    Considered to be a quiet resort town, Kiawah is extraordinary. Boasting genuine south hospitality, Kiawah is one of those places that just gets into your blood. Having grown up on this island part time, Kiawah is so much more than just a beach. Whether you're looking for sports or nature, check out the Ocean Course where the 2012 PGA took place. Additionally, Kiawah boasts nearly empty beaches that are also famous for their logger head turtle hatchings!
    Suggested by @Danni
  14. Gearhart, OR
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    Every summer since the 60s my mother family has met for a reunion on the northern coast of Oregon. Gearhart is a tiny town with not much going on outside of the golf course, the Gearhart by the Sea hotel, and potentially one good restaurant. But the beach, the beach is long and wide and seems to go forever. You can walk from Gearhart into Seaside, its neighboring, slightly more bustling community. Sadly it is one of those places people can drive on the beach. I try my best to ignore.
    Suggested by @cartoonsbyhilary
  15. Polihale Waimea, HI
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    Treacherous 10 mi dirt road to get there. A stretch of sand so beautiful and secluded, it's worth all of the dents you put in your rental car on the way out.
    Suggested by @TripleeSheldon
  16. Pensacola Beach (gulf islands national seashore)
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    Pristine and quiet. Regular dolphin sitings. Sugar white sand and green blue water. Affectionately referred to as the emerald coast.
    Suggested by @beccatillinghast
  17. Walked for 2-hours yesterday and didn't SEE ANOTHER HUMAN the entire time. Introvert paradise. It's Gavitoa Beach near Santa Barbara. I made a list about it.
    Suggested by @saltyblonde33
  18. The beach of Viña del Mar, Chile
    Suggested by @sarahsolene
  19. Hyams Beach, NSW, Australia
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    Known for the whitest sand in the world, and is truly truly magical
    Suggested by @charliej