All unhappy book stores are alike, but every great one inspires the same feeling in a different fashion: something intangible about the display choices & atmosphere inspires you intangibly. (No order)
  1. Book Soup
    A beautiful, bright environment and puzzlingly compact, cozy store that somehow always has everything you're looking for while still allowing room for discoveries.
  2. Magers & Quinn
    A highlight of my book tour in early 2014. At once huge and cozy, with an extremely intelligent and kind staff and especially great children's section that inspired me a lot. If I moved to Minneapolis this would be the first positive thing that would come to mind.
  3. Powell's
    Famous for a reason as the world's largest independent book store (or something). In a great part of Portland. The "Small Press" section is my favorite place to discover not just new writers but new visual and physical experiments in book making.
  4. Harvard Book Store
    My favorite of many great stores in the Boston-Cambridge area. Especially great displays of non-fiction, but good for everything.
  5. Shakespeare and Company
    I'm sorry, I should be over it, but there is just something a little contagiously romantic about this almost-original location of the legendary English language book store in Paris. They let me do a reading of my short stories there in summer of '13 and it was a really special memory.
  6. Skylight Books
    Two locations next to each other. One for traditional books, one for visual and design. Fun fact: co-owners include Jeffrey Tambor and Tony Danza. In a great neighborhood too.
  7. The Last Bookstore
    An incredible location for exploration in an old bank building in downtown Los Angeles. Not the place to look for something in particular, but a place to discover something you never imagined existed.
  8. Book People
    An enormous island of books in the middle of a great part of Austin, Texas. Several floors, great staff, all the biggest authors come through.
  9. Vroman's
    Best children's book section in America. (Fun fact: I am America's best selling children's book author)