Thanks for the list request Susan! Thanksgiving sides are one of the best things in the world. Boston Market seems to have made a whole business based off it. Press-hold the title to make your own rankings and it will automatically tag me in it
  1. Stuffing
    The best. Is there any side dish with less nutritional value than this mush of butter-soaked bread?
  2. Sweet potatoes with marshmallows
    Ah, actually, maybe spoke too soon. This may have less nutritional value.
  3. Cranberry sauce
    Spoke too soon agin. This lack-of-nutrition thing might be too close to call. But all these things make it such a special dinner!
  4. Whiskey
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    Spoke too soon again - this is both traditional and harms you on multiple levels!
  5. Green beans
    There might be some actual nutrients in this dish, plus it's the only one of these that people have at regular dinners, so this one comes in last for me