What's a true fact you know that's so interesting it's actually fun to tell? Add in suggestions. One per person. Bring your A-game.
  1. During the Cultural Revolution (1966-1976), some cities in China decided that red stop lights should mean "go," and green should mean "stop" (in the name of Communism and its symbolic red color). This led to traffic accidents and was eventually abandoned.
  2. In the 1930s, Pepsi chairman Walter Mack attempted to buy the rights to Popeye so that he could replace spinach with Pepsi.
  3. You don't need a membership to buy liquor at Costco
    Because of liquor laws you can't require a membership to somewhere to buy liquor. I think we can thank the prohibition era for that. Same with the pharmacy.
    Suggested by @sam
  4. The world's largest producer of fortune cookies, Wonton Food, Inc., is in Brooklyn and brought the first fortune cookies to China in 1992.
    Suggested by @tschlossberg
  5. J. Lo is older than Catherine Zeta-Jones.
    Suggested by @chris
  6. Massachusetts General Hospital has more psychiatrists than all of Africa combined.
    This is actually a sad commentary on the state of psychiatry in Africa.
    Suggested by @Anne
  7. If you invite the President and the First Lady to your wedding/bat mitzvah/bris/christening/etc. the White House will send you a very lovely greeting card to honor your celebration.
    Suggested by @donnie
  8. Billy Preston is the only non Beatle to receive cowriting credit on a Beatles song.
    Suggested by @gilbaron
  9. ira glass and phillip glass are cousins!
    Suggested by @lindsaygelfand
  10. The first married couple on TV to be shown sleeping in the same bed were Fred and Wilma Flintstone
    Suggested by @hels
  11. Dogs don't know other if dogs are either bigger or smaller than they are! They simply think "wow, that dog is high up! Courtesy of the amazing book Inside of a Dog
    Suggested by @lenadunham
  12. In space you can't feel when your bladder is full.
    Astronauts are trained to relieve themselves every two hours.
    Suggested by @sloan
  13. James Joyce opened one of the first movie theaters in Ireland
    Suggested by @helytimes
  14. Because Kris Jenner is "so busy," (which SHE IS) her personal makeup artist and hairstylists can only give her an abbreviated session, compared to her daughters,each morning -- an hour.
    Suggested by @jazmine
  15. When the chain/gear driven bicycle came out, it was not immediately accepted, which led to the now-bizarre high wheel bikes to be called 'ordinaries'.
    Suggested by @dev
  16. Fig plants digest wasps as part of their pollination cycle
    An enzyme in the fig breaks down the wasp carcass and makes it part of the fruit, so if you eat a fig you're crunching on at least one wasp ghost (though it is actually their seeds that make them crunchy)
    Suggested by @Brent
  17. Due to the state's generous benefits for refugees, Minnesota has the highest population of Somali people outside Somalia http://strib.mn/1IoxFei
    Suggested by @miranda
  18. Domestic cats kill between 1.4 and 3.7 billion birds and between 6.9 and 20.7 billion mammals each year
    Suggested by @Daley
  19. There's a town in Texas called Earth; it's the only place on Earth called Earth.
    Suggested by @lyndabee
  20. Bottega Louie in DTLA is the most Yelp reviewed restaurant in the world
    Suggested by @Penny
  21. Poet Robert Frost would wake his children in the middle of the night to make them watch him play Russian Roulette.
    So much for walking through the woods on a snowy evening.
    Suggested by @dball
  22. Eleanor Roosevelt used to put her baby daughter Alice in a cage outside a window of her townhouse on 36th street in New York. The baby cried so much that neighbors threatened to report the Roosevelts to the city, so they brought her inside.
    From Eleanor Roosevelt's autobiography: "this was rather a shock for me. I thought I was being a very modern mother."
    Suggested by @tschlossberg
  23. The most wanted person by the Gestapo in 1943 was a woman named Nancy Wake, an Australian double agent who killed a Nazi with her bare hands so he wouldn't give her away. The SS referred to her as "the white mouse."
    Suggested by @maribot