Great Debates Podcast Topics

Soon I will be a guest on my favorite podcast, The Great Debates, hosted by @helytimes & @davis, in which people debate fascinatingly specific close-call topics at the top of their intelligence. (A recent favorite: "It would help Hillary Clinton's campaign if her email contained a draft of erotic Big Bang Theory fan fiction." Suggestions?
  1. Micro-debate: lemons are the best citrus fruit
    Suggested by   @margot
  2. If pies could run for elected office, the winners would most often be the serviceable but boring options, like pumpkin.
    Suggested by   @carolynparkhurst
  3. Resolved: If James Joyce was alive today he could have sex with Lady Gaga.
    Suggested by   @Trugh25
  4. Another truly great game show will emerge in the next five years
    Suggested by   @helytimes
  5. Alcohol has done more good than harm
  6. Clowns are obscene
  7. We are at peak pornography
  8. It's cooler to speak Italian than Japanese
    Suggested by   @helytimes
  9. San Francisco has the best coffee on the west coast
    Suggested by   @ashepinnell
  10. "Mighty Joe Young" is a better giant ape movie than any version of "King Kong"
    Suggested by   @allysonarno
  11. If Bill Cosby had been raping men, the reaction would have been very different
  12. When a girl says "I love eating dessert first" with a coy smile on a first date, run.
    Suggested by   @laura710ef
  13. The New York Yankees will eventually retire too many numbers
    Suggested by   @wall
  14. The U.S. Government should at least consider a real-life Purge
    Suggested by   @wall
  15. Emojis are the best way to communicate
    Suggested by   @preethikann
  16. The new Star Wars film has a very legitimate chance of being the best one yet.
    Suggested by   @Hittman
  17. Answers from the 11-year-old girl and 9-year-old boy I'm babysitting, respectively: "Should you be allowed to fish at the Great Barrier Reef?" and "Should unicorns be alive?"
    Suggested by   @caroparker
  18. Coexist bumper stickers do more harm than good
    Suggested by   @wall
  19. Men on average are better cooks than women
    Suggested by   @helytimes
  20. Don't date a guy with a cracked phone screen
    Suggested by   @helytimes
  21. MSG should be embraced by food snobs.
    Suggested by   @gialappe
  22. Truck drivers have it all
    Suggested by   @sshapses
  23. It's smarter to focus on a YouTube career than a college education
    Suggested by   @kaylatuso
  24. It's better to have Monday off than Friday
    Suggested by   @babygotmac27
  25. Aaron Sorkin is better at writing movies than he is at writing TV shows
    Suggested by   @sarahgorman
  26. Nothing matters because everyone dies.
    Suggested by   @ellaNaaman
  27. Skinny chefs are not to be trusted.
    Suggested by   @sarahguiloff
  28. Bernie Sanders has had more sex in his lifetime than Donald Trump
    Suggested by   @PatrickCleary
  29. Single people actually have good dating advice.
    Suggested by   @brendang
  30. Braces are a scam
    Suggested by   @kaylatuso
  31. Andy Warhol's favorite social media app would have been Snapchat
    Suggested by   @stamos
  32. When it comes to candy, color is important
  33. Time is more important than space
  34. Human life spans are long enough
    Suggested by   @caa627
  35. Harry Potter will someday be seen as a religious text
    Suggested by   @killingyouguy
  36. John Travolta is miserable
    Suggested by   @killingyouguy
  37. All pets are golddiggers
    Suggested by   @Emily_Horgan
  38. Ambitious people aren't happy, happy people aren't ambitious
    Suggested by   @ellaNaaman
  39. "Back to the Future" is a scary movie
    Suggested by   @sarahgorman
  40. Monica Lewinsky should follow Hillary Clinton on Twitter
    Suggested by   @gialappe
  41. Password security questions should be even more specific to our personal lives
    Suggested by   @wall
  42. Christmas or Chanukah?
    Which holiday is better? Taking into account (but not limited to) variables such as Santa vs. just your Grandpa, baby Jesus being born vs. Jewish people reclaiming their Temple from the Greek invaders, and most importantly electric colorful lights vs. actual candle fire.
    Suggested by   @leahr
  43. All songs are really about sex
    Suggested by   @Nicholas