Highlights From the List App Live

Last night we put on The List App: Live at @ucbcomedy. It was very fun. Some highlights:
  1. Anders Holm (@Ders808) enacting imagined encounters with Jamie Foxx and David Bowie
  2. Alison Pill (@msalisonpill) recounting her most memorable bad dates
  3. Jack Waz (@Waz), the social media manager for Jo-Ann Fabrics, with a passionately NSFW presentation of their latest cookie cutters
  4. Debby Ryan (@Debby) analyzing dates she's been on by the drinks they ordered
  5. Hollis Andrews (@hollis) explaining the perks of being a little person
  6. Asa Akira (@AsaAkira) with advice on who not to date
  7. Aisha Muharrar (@Aisha) on how an episode of Growing Pains caused her lifelong trust issues
  8. Aaron Lee (@angusisley) debating whether pizza is better than sushi
  9. Mandy Naglich (@MandyKN) enacting how the judges of Shark Tank would have reacted to the idea of bottled water
  10. Dennis Flynn (@dfly) bringing down the house with the thoughts of a children's birthday party magician who realizes his rabbit is dead mid-trick