1. The Harlem Children's Zone Promise Academy.
    The school from "Waiting for Superman." It was so inspiring as a place - the brightest (literally) building that seemed perfect to inspire brightness in its students. The idea that this book would be universal - from Harlem to Newton, from Chicago to Texas - was my biggest dream with this book. Seeing it kill here doubled my heart. Video footage forthcoming.
  2. Mason-Rice Elementary, Newton, MA.
    I read the book at my old elementary school on a bright, beautiful fall day. And unlike the other stops of the tour, with hotel rooms and media escorts, I simply stayed at my parents' house and walked, alone, to and from the school. I was filled with such Proustian memories when I entered that I almost cried. The 1st/ 2nd graders loved the book; the 5th graders knew me from The Office. So proud.
  3. Austin, TX.
    Sorry. So sorry to be that guy. But I love Austin, Texas. You know what else I love? So sorry: Portland, Oregon. What are you gonna do?! They're both great cities with incredible independent book stores (Book People in this case) and great food and people and natural beauty. Sorry!
  4. Chicago.
    I actually didn't do an event in Chicago this time - I was in Naperville, a suburb - but I got to hang out with really impressively smart and nice people. If I had more time I would have wanted to see the Art Institute and a show at Steppenwolf's independent lab again. Last book tour I did those things and loved.
  5. San Francisco, CA
    In nearby Danville, a kid (3) came up to the microphone during the Q and A to say this: "I had a dream about you and my mom." The next night, at the gleaming SF JCC, I was asked incredibly precocious questions by slightly older kids. I stayed in Oakland. Had a drink with my high school hero, author Adam Mansbach, who lives in Berkley. Great diverse 2 days.