Running list. Hot takes do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the author. They are just HOT TAKES.
  1. It is on one level a dream to have a President who is super responsive to our tweets and to SNL sketches
  2. Starbucks should buy Postmates
  3. Rotten Tomatoes loses a great deal of potential traffic due to people not being sure how to spell the pluralization of "tomatoes"
  4. When the KCRW pledge drive emphasizes how luxurious their new building will be it is not endearing to potential donors
  5. The Oscars are the last bulwark of movies against the completion of television's cultural status takeover
  6. Fuller House should at least make passing reference to how tech has utterly changed SF in the past twenty years
  7. In 50 years single-frame still photography will be what black and white photography is to us: a classy, rarely used, inherently nostalgic form
  8. We are thinking too skeuomorphically with our concepts for artificial limbs and other cyborg aspects
  9. The Location Services should be its own quick-access menu item on iPhone's operating system, not under the Privacy menu
  10. LAX is one of the best airports in the country
  11. White chocolate is better than real chocolate
  12. We are in a dark age of TV