1. This community that is poised to become the most usefully and intelligently expressive community of 2015
  2. Independent bookstores
  3. Fresh herbs
  4. Chicken and waffles
    Never order it, grateful it's there
  5. Coffee
  6. Hot showers
  7. Comfortable things that are cheaper than they seem like they would be (ex: fuzzy socks, Gap pajamas)
  8. Nature documentaries in HD
  9. Nature in real life
  10. Central heating
  11. Central AC
  12. Disposable contact lenses
  13. The Arclight
  14. Free samples at Trader Joe's
  15. Medium-sized big cities that live up to their reputations (Portland, Austin)
  16. That every study about coffee somehow magically makes the case that it's healthy (?!)
  17. Honey
    How great is honey?
  18. Comedian Dan Mintz
  19. Maple syrup
    How great is maple syrup?
  20. The game of "Mafia"
    Simple, free, and so much fun.
  21. Cold autumn air when you haven't been around it in a long time
  22. "No cavities" from the dentist
    This happens 90+% percent of the time and is always nice
  23. Good ceramic mugs
  24. Diner counters
  25. Screeners
  26. The inexplicable prevalence of hummus
  27. Shark Tank