Impressive David Lynch Side Projects

Some top grade side hustles.
  1. David Lynch Coffee
    This is legitimately excellent coffee. It is what I make at home. It is for sale at Whole Foods.
  2. Club Silencio
    David Lynch designed this nightclub in Paris. It is also excellent. Not especially surreal, just the rare place where things feel cool the way they should. @kategreer will back me up here.
  3. David Lynch Foundation
    Teaches Transcendental Meditation (TM) to at-risk populations, including prisoners and high school students. The foundation reports that it has introduced as many as 150,000 to meditation.
  4. "I'm Waiting Here" w/ Lykke Li
    Good song, and really cool that he got to collaborate with Lykke Li. I won't say this is my favorite song but I legitimately like it.
  5. The David Lynch Collection
    Aside from being responsible for much of the interior design and furniture inside Club Silencio, Lynch also had a line of high end furniture available some years back.
    Suggested by   @tothemaxxx
  6. Lux Vivens
    A recording of 12th-century mystic Hildegard von Bingen's music performed by Jocelyn Montgomery and produced by Lynch. Great show off material for big, full range speakers.
    Suggested by   @clubsilencio01