1. I've been getting a lot of pushback for this belief, especially in light of its inclusion on my list of Hot Takes
  2. Criticism of LAX is like criticism of rollerblades or Nickleback: an unthinking adaptation to clichés that have hardened into conventional wisdom.
  3. Are there better airports in America than LAX? Yes.
  4. SFO is nicer – although the majority (!) of flights I've ever had out of SFO have been significantly delayed.
  5. BUR is more pleasant – but that's like saying "I prefer to bike to work." Sure, if it can get you where you need to go, but it usually can't.
  6. So what are these other airports that are better than LAX? JFK? LAG? BOS? ORD?! ATL?!?! These are all notorious nightmares.
  7. Getting to the airport is exhausting enough. YOU SHOULD NOT HAVE TO TAKE A BUS OR A TRAIN ONCE YOU ARE ALREADY AT THE AIRPORT. LAX never makes you do this. Can DFW or Washington-Dulles say the same?
  8. LAX has a simple and pretty color scheme of blue and yellow.
  9. LAX has mini versions of local favorites adding pride, culture, and great food.
  10. There is at least one legitimately good coffee place at every terminal.
  11. I'm not going to throw the word bullying around but...