Please add in suggestions. (If possible please add description as well). Looking at you @AFI
  1. Catfish (2010)
    One of the definitive films of a generation. Covered fresh and important territory in a riveting and sensitive way. Poetic title, explained in its final moments, bucked the trend of on-the-nose titles of the new millenium, and was rewarded with coining a major new term.
  2. The Overnighters (2014)
    Just saw this (thank you @ricky). About a pastor in the oil fields of North Dakota, where men in desperate situations flock for major oil money. The pastor lets men sleep in the church for free. Complicated and honest look at a rarely seen world.
  3. Waiting for Superman (2010)
    A look at modern public education and its competitors. Important and extremely compelling.
  4. To Be and To Have (2002)
    Simple to the point of narrative innovation. Just a one-room schoolhouse in rural France for a year.
  5. Jodorovsky's Dune (2014)
    Billed as the story of the greatest movie never made, but really it's just the story of an artist trying to do something that matters. And he does.
    Suggested by @jnardino
  6. Man on Wire (2008)
    A look at high wire artist Philippe Petit and his 1974 walk between the twin towers. Definitely the most captivating documentary I've ever seen.
    Suggested by @J0SH
  7. Stories We Tell (2012)
    A complete overhaul of the "talking head" documentary form. Genius. Also: 😭😭😭😭
    Suggested by @teo
  8. An Oversimplification Of Her Beauty
    A recollection of an almost lover. Part documentary, part GORGEOUS hand drawn animation. Never seen a film like it. Very Brooklyn.
    Suggested by @teo
  9. Grizzly Man (2005)
    Chilling. Funny. Worth it just to develop an impersonation of Werner saying "YOU MUST NEVER LISTEN TO ZE TAPES."
    Suggested by @chris
  10. Montage of Heck (2015)
    Will go down as one of the great music docs of history
    Suggested by @richardrushfield
  11. Finding Vivian Maier
    In the short time since her death, her narrative has been radically rewritten and her striking photography celebrated in exhibitions from LA to London. That such a private, peculiar woman could retroactively be recognized as one of the best photographers of the last 50 years is a testament to the untold great art being made under our collective noses
    Suggested by @aminatou
  12. The Unknown Known (2013)
    Why did Donald Rumsfeld agree to be interviewed by Errol Morris? A baffling movie, a baffling person.
    Suggested by @helytimes
    I refuse to review it. It must only be seen, never discussed.
    Suggested by @lesleyarfin
  14. Queen of Versailles (2012)
    Begins as a documentary about a time-share billionaire, his ditzy wife and their grotesque quest to build the largest house in America. It ends as perhaps the single best film on the Great Recession.
    Suggested by @aminatou
  15. King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters
    Underdog Steve Wiebe challenges reigning Donkey Kong champion Billy Mitchell.
    Suggested by @TT
  16. HOT PEPPER by Les Blank
    Suggested by @bengreenberg
    watching this movie will make you feel terrible about however you've spent your money.
    Suggested by @bengreenberg
  18. Erin Lee Carr's Thought Crimes
    Just premiered at the TriBeCa Film Festival, will be on HBO next month: David Carr's daughter got INSANE ACCESS to Cannibal Cop. It's such a good doc.
    Suggested by @videodrew
  19. Bigger, Stronger, Faster
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    You'll be surprised at how interesting the steroids-in-sports discussion really is.
    Suggested by @ChristopherFSmith
  20. Jesus Camp (2006)
    A frightening glimpse of the culture of evangelical Christians in the United States and the practices used to indoctrinate children. Special guest cameo by a cardboard cutout of George W. Bush.
    Suggested by @Nicholas