I have a morning here free of meetings tomorrow. But maybe this could be useful list for more purposes than tomorrow.
  1. Please add in suggestions!
  2. Coffee at Hi-Collar
    An amazing hidden gem http://bit.ly/18PSCPU
    Suggested by @ChrisK
  3. The Met (museum) opens at 10am and you can spend the late morning in the Temple of Dendur, watching Central Park thaw!
    Suggested by @Becky
  4. Grab coffee at Birch on 27th, sit and drink it in Madison Square Park, and then check out the park's latest art installation (currently it's a very cool crystal ball exhibition by Paula Hayes).
    Suggested by @julia
  5. Better with kids, I'm sure, but I was surprised how much I enjoyed the Transit Museum. All the historical subways and turnstiles are kind of magical.
    Suggested by @josh
  6. The High Line
    Watch rush hour go on below you from one of the overlooks.
    Suggested by @ChrisK
  7. If the weather is nice take a stroll from Pier 1 to Pier 6 in Brooklyn Heights. Nice view of Lower Manhattan.
    Suggested by @shantaroo
  8. The Plaza Food Hall
    This place is more of a brunch/lunch spot, but it is one of- possibly my favorite- spots to eat in the city! It is basically a fancy food court with very high quality vendors and the possibilities of what to eat are pretty much endless! They have sushi, burgers, crepês, noodles, artisanal fro yo, and way more all one the same (very large) floor! My personal fave is Luke's Lobster Roll💯. If you're feeling indecisive about what to eat or just feeling hungry in general, I totally recommend it!
    Suggested by @LuvJulia
  9. The Central Park Zoo
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    Perfect amount of stuff to see in a morning. Opens at 10am on Mondays and won't be crowded. Some amazing animals, especially the red panda and grizzly bears, and is very conservation oriented (both bears were rescued from bad situations in the wild, etc.) Also, they have a petting zoo where you can feed these hilarious maniac goats!
    Suggested by @Mary
  10. Morningside Park
    I don't know how it'd be now with the rain and leftover snow, but this park is definitely worth visiting on a nice day. You get an amazing view of the Cathedral of St. John in its entirety (I like looking at it from outside than in). And close by is the Hungarian Pastry Shop which is simple, cozy, and cramped in the way that Europe has made appealing - cash only!
    Suggested by @rachel
  11. Cross the Brooklyn Bridge
    Grab some coffee and a donut in Dumbo. Take a seat over by the carousel and marvel at the skyline of the city across the river. tell it a secret, a dream, or make a wish. On your way to the subway, stop at P.S. Bookshop and pick up some words to read on the train.
    Suggested by @michelle
  12. George Washington Bridge
    Technically in NYC. If you don't work at 9am, take the A train, uber, bike up the west side, or cab to it. Walk it, bike it, run it. You don't even need to step into Jersey, but take in the view. I find it beautiful, peaceful and inspiring. And so very NY if you get a couple honks.
    Suggested by @StaceyV