Into it!

A running list.
  1. Very cool doc
  2. I like this band. The new Wild Belle?
  3. John Mayer's Instagram Live talk show
  4. Nikka Coffey Malt Whisky even better than the regular Grain.
  5. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds. This is my favorite album of his. A younger Leonard Cohen, an older Father John Misty.
  6. The city lights of LA around Christmastime. Windy, crystal clear, amazing!
  7. Papermate multicolored felt tip pens.
  8. Fresh Finds playlist on Spotify
  9. SO GOOD
  10. Sirius XM 58: Country Christmas
    Fun songs I haven't heard before
  11. This little guy will destroy you and finish your screenplay for you
  12. The Spotify playlist "Rainy Day" on a rainy day
  13. Scandinavian Showdown story on Snapchat
  14. Hudson Maple Rye
    Aged in maple barrels. @dev a nice taste of home
  15. Powerbeats wireless earbuds. They stay on your ear as well as in, and sound good, and are perfect for travel as they're compact with little wiring but tied together.
  16. Free on Hulu. Got interested because of this excellent book... ⬇️
  17. Thanks @mia
  18. This mall in Arcadia has the best food. Side Chick, Din Tain Fung... Wow.
  19. A masterpiece I think
  20. "Mustard grilled" off menu option at In-N-Out
  21. This Spotify playlist
  22. My favorite event period?
  23. Obsessed with this podcast
  24. This case that insanely increases battery life. Made by Apple.
  25. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
  26. Spotify's Release Radar weekly curated playlist
  27. @djtstudionotes on Twitter
  28. This guided meditation app! Thanks @Z
  29. Big Little Lies soundtrack on Spotify
  30. Clickhole on Instagram
  31. This is actually really good
  32. Fabriano paper and notebooks
  33. Kendrick's use of punctuation.
  34. Spotify Release Radar
    (I promise this list is not sponsored by Spotify... OR IS IT???)