Thanks and congrats to @dev @mkz @to_soham @lord
  1. First, you'll have to install the update.
  2. In the comments section, now there is a second option: "make a suggestion." The suggestion will format exactly like a list item - options for secondary text, photos, location if you want it, the whole deal. If the list maker likes it...
  3. Add suggestions to your favorite lists
    Suggested by @LevNovak
  4. Fix dat bug
    Suggested by @ruddybuddy
  5. Want to control whom can add suggestion to your list. Go to your profile. Click the settings button on top right and scroll down to see this option.
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    Suggested by @x
  6. The list maker has the option to double-tap a suggestion and add it to his or her list! (With attribution, of course.)
  7. Voila: collaborative lists! Please be the first to play with it and tell us what you think!