1. Chris Rock
    There is an underdog aspect inherent to comedy that makes us favor the newest and roughest over established stars. But comedy is about the pleasurable shock of insight, and no one does that better - even in a stray interview quote - than Chris Rock. Then, and now. My favorite and probably yours too.
  2. Louis C.K.
    Louis C.K. is so smart, so real, so specific, and so universal. And so funny. He changed how I envisioned marriage and fatherhood: watching his standup made me realize I wouldn't "turn into" a husband or father, but remain myself in a new role. That was a major thing for a comedy act to do.
  3. Dan Mintz
    Dan Mintz is the voice of Tina on "Bob's Burgers," and one of the funniest, darkest, and oddly most loveable one-liner comics in the world. His new album is called "The Stranger" and on the iTunes Store.
  4. John Mulaney
    This is a guy who makes me so, so jealous of his abilities onstage. Like Jerry Seinfeld, he is such a great writer that he is able to camoflouge his writing ability: you just think he's "naturally" funny. Speaking of...
  5. Jerry Seinfeld
    See Chris Rock.
  6. Mitch Hedberg
    I know he isn't alive anymore, but he feels alive to me. My favorite comedian of all time. He only loses five spots for being dead.
  7. Sarah Silverman
    See Chris Rock.
  8. Jim Gaffigan
    Just really, really funny and enjoyable.
  9. Katt Williams
    I look forward to a new Katt Williams special with the type of excitement that feels indistinguishable from nervous agitation.
  10. Zach Galifianakis.
    See Chris Rock.