1. 89.9 KCRW
    The best music oriented NPR station in the country. 9am-12pm M-F is Morning Becomes Eclectic, their best music program, hosted by Jason Bentley, although DJs Garth Trinidad, Gary Calomar, and Anne Litt are at least as good.
  2. 93.5 K-DAY
    "Hip hop from back in the day."
  3. 88.9 KXLU
    College radio that gets rough and weird, as it is supposed to.
  4. 88.5 KCSN
    A less edgy music-based public radio station than KCRW, but a good option. The original host of Morning Becomes Eclectic, Nic Harcourt, now DJ's here from 7-10, so if you're up too early for MBE, turn this on.
  5. 105.9 (Power 106)
    Today's hip hop. Morning DJ, Big Boy, is a legend and quite funny.
  6. 102.7
    Pop (leaning towards black artists)
  7. 98.7
    Pop (leaning towards white artists)
  8. 88.1 K-JAZZ
    Commercial free 24 hour jazz station out of Long Beach.