My Smartphone Journey

  1. Treo
    Anyone remember these bad boys? I got it in 2005 or so. It was a conscious decision to get a phone with email on it, as conflicted as I felt about becoming one of "those guys." What a behemoth this phone was. I don't miss it. But there was no going back.
  2. Blackberry
    I've never loved any object I've owned more than the Blackberry Curve. I could truly touch type on it - i.e., quickly compose a very long, involved email to somebody with my hands out of sight while I talked about something else. Still the defiant choice of publicists everywhere. But eventually, I grew curious about the new thing everyone was talking about.
  3. iPhone
    What a beautiful thing. Harder to type, but the design and possibilities change how you feel about everything.
  4. The next frontier
    @charlie sent us a couple of these to play around with. Whatever could they be for...