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  1. Read Amoreta
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    One of my long time best friends, W. David Marx, lives in Tokyo and has written a book coming out in December about the influence of American fashion on Japanese youth culture in the 1950s and 60s. It's extremely interesting as a lens into Japan, fashion, and how history and politics can interplay with street style.
  2. Read this mesmerizing Hollywood Reporter interview with Donald Trump
    He's most at home talking show business which makes his mind so oddly relatable if you have any experience in the field.
  3. Finally watched Michael Jordan's induction ceremony into the Basketball Hall of Fame on Youtube
    Then got into a debate about it with @IkeBarinholtz and @david_stassen. This speech is supposedly notorious for Jordan's vicious, unforgiving settlement of grudges with past rivals and doubters. I found it to be nothing of the sort. Jordan embarrassed no one, was always the first to admit it came out of his own overly competitive nature, spoke from the heart, got a lot of laughs. What am I missing? @blakegriffin what is yours gonna be like?
  4. Saw Saturn at the Griffith Observatory
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    @jcrusius and her family were heading to this on Saturday night and called me up impromptu. Once a month, at the Griffith Observatory, they have a viewing night, where serious amateur astronomers park their telescopes on the front lawn and people line up to look through them. I saw Saturn, bright and clear, rings and all. Even the @startalkradio lists couldn't prepare me for that sight. A wonderful once-a-month free L.A. tradition. Be proud, @ericgarcetti!
  5. Visited @danny's new house and family
    Danny and Amelia have two year old twins and a three-month old house that Amelia (an architect) designed. I stopped by to see the house for the first time. Happy scene.
  6. Wished a happy birthday to @helytimes and @alanyang
    They had the perfect party. I got to have a political debate with Great Debates co-host @davis, discuss the list app with @Goldie, meet many new people and consume several tacos.
  7. Saw Amy
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    @mia bailed on a movie plan (we were going to see a Noam Baumbach movie about beautiful young neurotics and she fittingly cancelled due to a bout of hypochondria - adore you Mia just calling it like I see it) and instead I went to the Arclight alone and saw this. Anyway. Great documentary. Felt like it walked the perfect and honest line of tasteful and dramatic.