What's yours? Something that is doable and weird that you've never done. The smaller and more intense the better.
  1. Buying a huge bag of everything bagels, shaking it for a very long time, then just eating everything it collects at the bottom
  2. Going to a theme park and just dropping hundreds of dollars on the carnival games
    Suggested by @alexjmooney
  3. Filling a room with popcorn and just smelling it
    I hate the texture of popcorn but love the smell
    Suggested by @whereismysoupsnake
  4. A lasagna where you add an extra layer in the middle OF GARLIC BREAD SLICES
    Suggested by @amykardashianwest
  5. (Honestly,) Buying anything I like, without thinking about the money
    Suggested by @sarahguiloff
  6. A grocery store trip with exclusively gluten, dairy, and alcohol products.
    Suggested by @darshnim
  7. Owning a Dyson ball vacuum
    Suggested by @sarahmccoy
  8. Whipping your phone off of a bridge/cliff/building just because you can, with no regard for where it lands.
    Suggested by @jmowatstuff
  9. Demo a house
    I just really want to take a sledgehammer to a wall
    Suggested by @RachaelValentine
  10. Turning my whole house into a blanket fort.
    Suggested by @faithyfizer
  11. I really want to eat one of those meals at a restaurant where if I finish it I don't have to pay. Like a 72 oz. steak or a giant breakfast.
    Suggested by @derek_g
  12. Installing one of those intra-office vacuum tube delivery systems in my house
    Suggested by @notoriouskmw
  13. Fill an entire house with pink balloons and run around like a kid per Witches of Eastwick
    Suggested by @shanaz
  14. Watching all 8 Harry Potter movies straight through, all day/night.
    Suggested by @knl6093
  15. I would like a line of maybe 20 girls to let me practice french braiding their hair. One after the next. Maybe I could go a second round and try a fishtail braid.
    Suggested by @Boogie
  16. Having a group of people dump a jug of victory Gatorade on me
    I would act all "ahhh!! what?! no way?!!" but would deep down know that I deserved it
    Suggested by @kaelin_dodge
  17. Build the world's biggest pillow fort and watch movies in it all day.
    Suggested by @mandylatimer
  18. Riding around on a giant roomba
    Suggested by @lneely
  19. Lining up everyone in a really large room by their hair color. Like a big, hairy rainbow.
    They would all have to be at the same height for it to work perfectly.
    Suggested by @sarahthigpen
  20. Pay off my student loans
    Not sexual but the thought of it kind of turns me on?
    Suggested by @torrami
  21. Just flooring it in my car one day. I've never had the courage to do more than 90 but I'd love to hit 120 or 130 just once.
    Suggested by @mirthnuts
  22. Get on a train, hop off somewhere random and have an adventure
    Preferably like those crazy ones in kids' stories where the main character joined a circus and solved a mystery around the ringmasters missing wife.
    Suggested by @estherlimtf
  23. Win a boxing match admirably
    Oddly consistent dream of mine
    Suggested by @LevNovak
  24. Having the summer off
    Suggested by @Schneid
  25. To have an amazing singing voice but not be famous for it. Just whenever singing was happening, maybe on birthdays for example, everyone would think to themselves what a good singer I am. And I could hit all of the notes when I sing in the shower or the car.
    Suggested by @DG
  26. Have $1m put in a suitcase.
    Suggested by @MichaelRose
  27. Being able to have a party that isn't, like, a wedding where all my friends from past and present and who all live in different places show up and wear their cutest outfits and dance til sunrise.
    Suggested by @summeranne
  28. Take a random trip
    Go to the airport, tell the ticket agent, "I'd like a ticket to somewhere fun, today." No planning, no prep, no worries. Just go.
    Suggested by @MichaelRose
  29. Travelling without my phone
    No messaging, no pictures, no directions
    Suggested by @CourtKeast
  30. Discovering, by accident, that I have an amazing creative talent.
    Suggested by @thisiscmartin
  31. Spend an entire vacation and exceed my vacation budget making a video about what a great vacation I had. It would include aerial shots and costumes and great editing, but ultimately be about nothing more than a great vacation.
    Suggested by @PassiveAggressor
  32. How do I say this nicely? I'd like to live in a world where my ex-husband doesn't.
    Suggested by @becktacular
  33. Pose like a statue in front of a government building.
    Suggested by @liznic011
  34. My own house library, complete with built-in bookcases
    Suggested by @Jelo81
  35. Exploring every single room (and secret passage way) of the White House without restriction or consequence
    Suggested by @kpeter
  36. Put tons of these suckers in every room of my house so me and my guests can bounce all the time.
    Suggested by @Ames91
  37. Substituting zip-lining for forms of everyday transportation
    Suggested by @megaweav
  38. Eating a mouthful of Skittles... But not the new green apple Skittles, the OG Skittles with lime.
    Suggested by @RedSoxNationMT
  39. Grocery shopping in a completely empty store
    Suggested by @shacara_shacara
  40. in high school in the Chicago suburbs I always wanted to cut class and reenact Ferris Buehler's Day Off
    Cubs game, Art Institute, Sears Tower, drive down Michigan Ave singing Twist and Shout, make out with a hot girl, get home before my parents figured out what I had done
    Suggested by @PatrickCleary
  41. Fly a plane
    Suggested by @CookEatForOne
  42. Get rid of everything in my house and "start over" fresh. I realize that 5yrs I've lived here, I've never been in love with it. I've ignored my home and it's not the home I dreamed of living in. I seriously want to get rid of it all. Start with fresh paint, and sleep on the floor and slowly fill this house with things that make it FEEL like home.
    Suggested by @alexisnartia
  43. Walking around with nothing in my hands or hung on my shoulder
    Suggested by @watsonjlw1
  44. Chuck it all and move into a tiny house (set on a beach.)
    Suggested by @thetruesaram
  45. Being able to leave the hospital and backpack across the world looking for the most amazing tree houses .. Just to be up high viewing the world around you .. Wouldn't be too bad if the treehouse had a wrap around that allows me to sit and watch storms come through.. Just sayin ..
    Suggested by @EmbraceGrace
  46. Leave my husband and know without a doubt I would thrive financially.
    Suggested by @gratefulkim
  47. Get in my car and just drive west until I run out of road
    Suggested by @keewee67
  48. To drive leisurely on one of those roads like in the car commercials (the really long empty ones with the perfect balance of fields and mountains and somehow always a perfect sunset) with all my favorite songs magically playing on the radio...
    ...and then to park and go run/skip/frolic barefoot through whatever field I wanted without worrying about getting in trouble or stepping on something sharp. And then to realize I was running toward a really awesome bonfire/picnic with a ton of my best friends and family.
    Suggested by @susdixon
  49. Go for a run and jump into a random person's pool to cool down.
    Extra fantasy-level if I run through said person's yard (maybe while they are having a bbq or their kids are on the swing set) and they can witness the act. Jump out without saying a word and start running again.
    Suggested by @MacOfNoTrades
  50. Not being a famous person, but being a famous person's best friend.
    Suggested by @4manmama
  51. Taking a nap mid-day without interruptions.
    The universal fantasy of every working mom.
    Suggested by @finrock
  52. Learn how to swim and surprise everyone I know next time we're in the water together. After 50 yrs it's about time to conquer my fear of water.
    Suggested by @trixie29
  53. Being able to sing in front of an audience.
    I can't actually sing. But, the thought of being amazing at singing crosses my mind a lot.
    Suggested by @purefairy
  54. Fill the grocery cart and not be afraid of the total at the register.
    Suggested by @lgzeey
  55. Not have a kid hanging from my boob, shirt or leg for 10 hrs...
    Suggested by @savray74
  56. have a day where I can do what I want without being interrupted
    Suggested by @kerrims73
  57. Giving an bomb Oscar acceptance speech and dropping the mic afterwards
    Suggested by @KathrynBlack
  58. Play with, like, 15-20 puppies at once.
    Suggested by @randomcouture
  59. Having a huge movie theater (one of the ones with the comfortable recliner seats) to myself.
    With all my favorite snacks/beverages. And my dog.
    Suggested by @comedian
  60. Having an endless supply of coffee at any time.
    Like the coffee cart that Logan bought Rory in Gilmore Girls.
    Suggested by @RachelApproved
  61. Take a nap on a wrought iron bed, with the fluffiest blanket, in the middle of an empty meadow, on a breezy summer afternoon
    Suggested by @vzw
  62. My exboyfriend texting me that he's sorry for being a dickhead
    Suggested by @drugs
  63. Vacuuming all the gunk out of my pores
    Poof! Gone!
    Suggested by @aminam
  64. Going to the home goods section of a department store and sweeping my arm across one of the beautiful displays of crystal dishware, just to watch/hear it all shatter on the floor.
    Suggested by @Nikki
  65. Buying my mother a house.
    Not small nor weird but all I really think about these days. 🏡❤️
    Suggested by @kaitmaree
  66. Having a food fight in a movie theater with everyone involved. Giant boxes of popcorn flying, coca cola spraying everywhere, swedish fish in everyone's hair, the works
    Suggested by @dudleyjoshua
  67. Daily delivery of fresh bacon and waffles.
    Bloody Marys would also be accepted.
    Suggested by @lindjsey
  68. Shrinking down to a couple of inches tall and living here.
    Suggested by @jennakb
  69. Tailor all of my clothes to fit my body perfectly.
    Suggested by @ivanngo
  70. Letting the water run over in the kitchen until the floor is flooded, freezing it and ice skating!
    Favorite episode from Tom & Jerry that looked like SO MUCH FUN!
    Suggested by @kelspel
  71. Busting out into song on the street and not giving a single fuck.
    Suggested by @element75
  72. White couches. That stay clean.
    Suggested by @designordie
  73. Eat a bag of white cheddar popcorn filled with just the puff part of the popped kernel.
    None of the useless left over shell of what once was a Strong Christian Kernel.
    Suggested by @pamelabertelli
  74. Tie a tv to the radiator & sit in the bathtub for hours smoking cigarettes (margot tenenenbaum style)
    Suggested by @millercourt
  75. Going off in public at my husband and he being so dumbfounded he can't respond. Just once.
    Suggested by @thankyou60
  76. To empty out an animal shelter by getting every animal in there adopted.
    Suggested by @Akita
  77. Win the Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes so I can be on the commercial 🤑
    Suggested by @icue
  78. To touch, just touch Selena Gomezs hair......
    This is not sexual, I promise!
    Suggested by @kerrybaybee
  79. Slide down a huge staircase on a mattress
    Like Princess Diaries. Bonus points if it's in a castle or if Julie Andrews is with me
    Suggested by @kateo
  80. Swing on a chandelier in an empty ballroom
    Suggested by @kateo
  81. Owning a Roomba 880
    Maybe one day when I can justify a really amazing $700.00 dollar robot vacuum, I'll know I've made it.
    Suggested by @ohalyssaface
  82. Eat a bowl of sweetened condensed milk.
    Suggested by @v_rose
  83. Buying a bucket of fried chicken and only eating the skin and crumbles in the bottom of the bucket.
    Suggested by @lgzeey
  84. Putting wheels and an engine in my bed so it doubles as a car and I never how to get out of my bed
    Suggested by @lactoseintolerance
  85. Shake all the cans of soda at a party just to watch them spray on the unsuspecting victims...
    Suggested by @Lacymarie
  86. Driving a Zambonie around an ice rink in full figure-skater attire with song of my choice played on all the loud speakers in the rink. The score board would show the lyrics for everyone to be able to sing along! No talent required just enthusiasm! So fun!
    Suggested by @AD24
  87. Go to heaven for an hour to visit my mom who recently died
    (plus a few other family members/dogs) but then come back to Earth because I'm going to live to 110+.
    Suggested by @Tee24
  88. Take a bath in a tub of luxurious lotion.
    You would never have to moisturize again.
    Suggested by @annarobin
  89. Getting my hair to grow back
    Suggested by @jon
  90. Be locked in a toy store all night
    I'm 27, and this is still my ultimate non-sexual fantasy...
    Suggested by @tabitha5212
  91. High speed, low stakes car chase.
    You know, like playing San Francisco Rush on the way home from work.
    Suggested by @marcintosh
  92. Walk into a crowded place and start singing a song, and having everyone join in like a movie montage. Maybe dancing, too...
    Suggested by @misssarah
  93. Putting on a brand new pair of socks everyday
    Suggested by @ellied
  94. Hit a grand slam, pass and catch a touchdown and make the game winning jump shot
    Suggested by @brennie41
  95. Hit the step & sleep targets on my fit bit every day for a week!
    Usually get about 3/7 on both - never on the same days
    Suggested by @genalwatson
  96. Look in the mirror and see my 30 year old face
    Suggested by @hbb1967
  97. Someone hands me tickets to Hamilton
    Suggested by @bmoscow129
  98. Going to dinner with all my friends where no one looks at their phone the entire time
    Suggested by @bmoscow129
  99. Be a guest on The Wendy Williams Show
    And during the course of the interview she realizes that we should totally be best friends
    Suggested by @AmyGreenRocks