What's one picture you took today?
  1. Just this one
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    Suggested by @brendohare
  2. I'm trying out a spell.
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    Suggested by @lgw
  3. A scholarly skeleton
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    Suggested by @NiceBoy
  4. One of the science buildings at UCLA catching some morning sun.
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    Suggested by @whatsthefracas
  5. The LGH and I had a rough day.
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    R.I.P. Little Green Honda.
    Suggested by @e
  6. Here you go! A pumpkin muffin. V good.
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    Suggested by @halrhorer
  7. My puppy's 5th birthday
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    Suggested by @annie_teee
  8. My "in between two ferns" style study session
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    Suggested by @bekah
  9. I'm so glad you asked! I was about to make a list about how I was feeling good about my body today. Here's a castoff from the list
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    Suggested by @olive
  10. The sunset at work
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    Suggested by @ochalek2
  11. A nice view
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    Suggested by @magic
  12. A great screenshot.
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    Suggested by @ktakrad
  13. I took pictures of My List on Netflix because my account is about to get cut off and I'm gonna have to start a new free trial
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    Suggested by @julieuhls
  14. mushrooms in the garden
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    Suggested by @pop_mayhem
  15. A spooky stoop moment
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    Suggested by @samgoldd
  16. I made a separate entry about this, but this was some fun I found at IKEA
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    Suggested by @dcerruti
  17. My daughter's project
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    Suggested by @silentsophie
  18. My 2 year old baby girl getting ready to head out of the house for her 3rd round of chemotherapy.
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    Suggested by @ash2_14
  19. recording my Daria-esque makeup from premiere, 1 am, LA, hotel, drunk
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    Suggested by @zoe
  20. Cory Booker holding a Bose speaker with the caption: "I heard the House was in need of a Speaker."
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    Suggested by @samandreacchi
  21. This box of joy
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    Suggested by @BuzzFeed
  22. My pumpkin
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    Suggested by @molm
  23. I was at CVS
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    Suggested by @scottdillon
  24. My niece holding my cat
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    Suggested by @ashepinnell
  25. This swan making my picnic super uncomfortable
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    It stood there literally the entire time.
    Suggested by @simonpuck
  26. Looked too beautiful to not take a picture
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    Suggested by @klapeyre
  27. so u put a vegetarian in a bacon blanket and
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    Suggested by @meredith
  28. On Set
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    Suggested by @DavidSeger
  29. Carrie's book! Out today!
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    Suggested by @aidybryant
  30. This snap of the Blue Lagoon in Iceland
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    Note: it's not the part you go into, but that part looks like this. Only with way more people.
    Suggested by @macnchz
  31. Perfect tic tac box
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    Suggested by @laurenS
  32. Sleeping critter
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    Suggested by @emilyrieger
  33. The pumpkin my patient made for me!
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    Suggested by @ouizoid
  34. Full moons are cool
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    Suggested by @Gavin
  35. Wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man on Melrose
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    Suggested by @mziets
  36. Making my coworker model the products at work.
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    Suggested by @ErinEdwards
  37. It's a denim chair!
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    Suggested by @alexlaughs
  38. I harvested olives in northern California!
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    Suggested by @mollyyeh
  39. Martin Luther King, Jr. quote
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    Suggested by @vina
  40. buy 1 get 1 free underwear from old navy cause i am a frugal hottie
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    Suggested by @cheesecakefactory
  41. World Series fail.
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    Suggested by @megpalms3
  42. Pork chop 🐷
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    Suggested by @tz
  43. My cat found a plastic bag he really likes.
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    Suggested by @summeranne
  44. Failing to look like a walrus with peppers in my mouth.
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    Suggested by @evak
  45. Mug at target I ALMOST bought...might got back for it tomorrow! 🐧🐧🐧
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    Suggested by @megann90
  46. An accident that was holding up the line to get into my school's parking lot. I took the picture when I realized the white car was my friend's.
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    Suggested by @ayegone
  47. I put this over a hole my coworker punched in our office door when we were drunk so no one would see it. That was six months ago. Tonight is my first night back in 3 months, and here it is:
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    Suggested by @saytrumbo
  48. midterm all nighter
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    Suggested by @maira
  49. This bag of flavored tootsie rolls
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    Suggested by @kmbw
  50. Ruth Bader Ginsburg graffiti on the sidewalk, at the book party for "The Notorious RBG" by Irin Carmon and Shana Knizhnik.
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    Suggested by @jensnow
  51. This one
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    Suggested by @ChrisKennedy
  52. Daughter's first bacon cooking experience (with incredulity as to why I would photograph this).
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    Suggested by @lambikins
  53. best friend walk
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    Suggested by @debsecrest
  54. My little brother shipped to Army Basic Training today
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    Suggested by @mattjohc
  55. This from the book The Rap Yearbook
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    Suggested by @lizard13
  56. This passive aggressive windshield note
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    Suggested by @sloan
  57. Driving to school from a 6:30 swim practice
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    Suggested by @firyy
  58. My friend @anna gave me this coaster she found in a bar, I heavily identified with the subject
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    Suggested by @maya
  59. This little guy kept climbing all over me. Essentially I was another, smaller, tree in his eyes and I loved every minute of it
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    Suggested by @mirthnuts
  60. The EXACT same picture as @samgoldd - soul mates?
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    Suggested by @scarcurtis
  61. Fall
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    Suggested by @ktbug
  62. Chocolate-peanut butter waffles. For reals.
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    Suggested by @jessicavonbergen
  63. I work at a school and its drug awareness week or something
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    Suggested by @treezus
  64. Rainy fall day.
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    Suggested by @edhyndman
  65. My Daughter's Donut costume we just finished. 🍩
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    Suggested by @chantalkurp
  66. As usual, about 10,000 pics of baby boy.
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    Here he is gazing at @tothemaxxx
    Suggested by @AlexandraLouise
  67. Birthday wine delivery from a friend on the other side of the country
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    Suggested by @hiitsmeshiki
  68. A picture of my cow socks. I sent them to my roommate and she thought I had leprosy
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    Suggested by @quinnkrop
  69. Colgate Lake NY
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    Suggested by @fats
  70. Thinking through commodity pricing, particularly agriculture.
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    Suggested by @jcrusius
  71. Just cuteness.
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    Suggested by @rostro77
  72. Monks visited my school (La Salle University) this week and made this piece completely out of sand for us
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    Suggested by @meghangreen
  73. My little niece, Eve, who came to visit me at work today.
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    Suggested by @abbinka
  74. the boy I babysit is dressing up as Olaf for Halloween....
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    Suggested by @sarahhawk
  75. My students learning to decipher true and false equations
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    Suggested by @80lemons
  76. Two white dudes who just saw the crazy bottom of the 9th Royals homerun
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    Suggested by @neilvogel
  77. My nephew doesn't like pumpkins...
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    Suggested by @katie219
  78. This puny cup
    50d44213 8e57 46ed 9055 aece81cd0fdd
    Suggested by @PawneeGoddess
  79. a Halloween donut from a bakery in Columbia, MO
    0c4eb323 a5fd 4d59 934d c56c64534ceb
    Suggested by @ashlyncwest
  80. The Comedy Store lobby
    067d9201 c08d 413b 851b c1c6ccef3ce8
    Suggested by @lukestanaway
  81. This amazing woman in the front row of tonight's baseball game. I LOVE HER.
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    Suggested by @fuggirls
  82. Special stamps for Halloween mail
    Fa7f68f4 805a 46aa 8834 aec9ace7fb38
    Suggested by @Jelo81
  83. Baby class. 👶
    8314ea06 1f81 48a7 8bd6 bfe95d0f35da
    Suggested by @mac
  84. the stage being set for tomorrow's GOP debate on CNBC
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    Suggested by @rossleclair
  85. Ithaca College
    13e02122 af51 4570 9569 3800e3caf549
    Suggested by @jessacosta
  86. My refrigerator
    2cd28e0f aed3 4e17 bedc 55abd78d9de6
    Suggested by @jon
  87. This pigeon looking lost at the train station.
    A63662ed 2377 4044 a50d 82a2af4243b6
    Suggested by @krripich
  88. Went to Randye's Donuts!
    19852f6f 2528 4eb1 86d4 77cb1ee8e175
    Suggested by @katielady08
  89. Housemate fell asleep in the living room
    47d6bf49 e664 4cfb a6df ebbb79fa6e13
    Suggested by @rhead
  90. These shower flowers
    94a4aa97 bd21 40ae a887 ce090c69c349
    Suggested by @dbholland
  91. This sign. Saw it driving my son home from football practice. We passed it and u-turned to get this pic. Looks like things just got real in Gilbertsville.
    63967afe f37e 4686 becf 0175d31b6269
    Suggested by @deeannroundy
  92. Hot air balloons in capadocia
    D19bba9c 81ec 4f58 94ad 7698b7f7b3f1
    Suggested by @eyepatchy
  93. The kid next to me in class was eating an entire pumpkin pie.
    E5e0dbdf ed20 4f21 9984 67ab0ac8bf14
    Suggested by @madisonerdmann
  94. This Snow White and the 7 dwarves Dopey statue on a neighbour's lawn
    0a90b228 f859 4c80 a2ec c651742d34c4
    Suggested by @haley
  95. Honolulu > Sydney
    Bf1547eb 12c6 473e b84a 1310b270efa4
    Suggested by @pathologic_KT