Small, big, good, bad... Describe one thing that happened today. Contribute in suggestions.
  1. My mom said she was proud of me and I realized I was actually proud of me too. (And this felt like a first.)
    Suggested by @jansonebwoodlee
  2. I got to snuggle a one month old adorable baby!!!
    Suggested by @ouizoid
  3. Apologized to a woman trying to push her shopping cart past me in Target by saying, "Sorry, I was in a brownie daze." We both laughed.
    Suggested by @mianguyen
  4. I found this crazy secluded courtyard on west 46th street (btw 9th & 10th ave) that is definitively dark-sided, possibly haunted.
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    Suggested by @dave
  5. I got paid for a freelance project I did about 6 weeks earlier than I expected.
    Suggested by @gabimoskowitz
  6. I found a residual check for $7 that I forgot to deposit 6 months ago.
    Suggested by @MelissaStetten
  7. I went for a walk in the sun to the library, then got pistachio ice cream, which I ate on a park bench while reading the library book.
    Suggested by @vp
  8. My patient called me a dyke?!
    Patient: "I was told I have a female anesthesiologist today and I thought, 'what is she, some kind of dyke?'". Me: "Woah! We're putting THAT kind of language out there, eh? Are you SURE about that?"
    Suggested by @AlexandraLouise
  9. My meditation coloring book came in the mail!
    Suggested by @LuvJulia
  10. Got berated for not being able to pee in a cup at the doctor
    One nurse yelled "there isn't much time!" Through the door. I never received any explanation.
    Suggested by @emmaburke
  11. I burned my mouth on a soup dumpling in Chinatown.
    It was delicious and painful and confusing.
    Suggested by @Nathaniel
  12. Went to a meeting where I got to pet a cute dog! Afterwards man said, "do you know anything about rashes? Does this look like dog ringworm to you?"
    Washed hands and body. Am considering chemical shower.
    Suggested by @itsHannah
  13. The barista at Starbucks who served me was also an adult with braces, and as he handed over my cappuccino I swear he gave me a smile of recognition
    Suggested by @danaschwartz
  14. My AVID shut down in the middle of a project (of course I'm on a deadline) and I lost all my work
    Suggested by @lakatz
  15. Went to play Simpson's pinball in a restaurant only to find it out of order, but then found the same Simpson's pinball game at the mall next door and played for an hour!
    Suggested by @eliolsberg
  16. I turned 25!
    Suggested by @nora
  17. I took a break from writing to sit in the lounge of the Park Hyatt across from my apartment and sip a glass of rosé while reading a good book. At 4 o'clock. I felt like a bookish call girl on the afternoon shift.
    Suggested by @carey
  18. Ate sun-popped popcorn ice cream with @eatthelove @AJ @lindsinger, which we thought was a hipster hoax but is ACTUALLY popped by the sun. Wonders never cease.
    Suggested by @lilydiamond
  19. Craved Chipotle on a whim on the way into my night shift and there were ZERO PEOPLE in line. Will wonders never cease?
    Suggested by @sally
  20. I returned my 10-week rental bike and was genuinely sad to do so
    Suggested by @trevler
  21. I ate some brie.
    It's so good and I hadn't had it in months.
    Suggested by @suesmith
  22. Ate a bag of Fritos and called it lunch.
    Suggested by @lizanedelman
  23. I visited the 9/11 memorial today at lunch. I remembered smelling the smoke onto our block and the ashes blowing across the east river and looking @LuvJulia in her crib and thinking what should I do? Grateful her mom told me stay put and relax.b
    Suggested by @richardabate
  24. Re-watched last night's Game of Thrones with friends who hadn't seen it yet just to watch them go nuts at the ending
    Suggested by @benbass
  25. Finally had my name misspelled by a Starbucks worker, no longer an outcast
    Suggested by @pottsy
  26. Lobsters were on sale at the grocery store, so I ordered 2 (split). They arrived, 2 (alive) and my response/attempt to cook them was embarrassingly overdramatic.
    $7.99 a pound was not worth losing my dignity.
    Suggested by @LeighBelz
  27. An incapacitated man dragged himself onto the subway and collapsed when he was only halfway in. He was mumbling for help. I am embarrassed to say that I froze! I just stood there slack-jawed. An older woman immediately jumped into action and tried to drag his legs in before the doors closed. I finally came to and helped.
    Suggested by @shantaroo
  28. I watched the first two episodes of the Bachelorette and regretted it immediately
    Suggested by @merida
  29. I received three wrong numbers for a Denzel Washington. Am still not convinced it was for a rando and not the actor
    Suggested by @Caitlin
  30. Got stuck in a rainstorm.
    Sounds romantic, but I'm single so I was just wet.
    Suggested by @joannaspicer
  31. Attempted my grandma's recipe for shrimp fried rice and it was not bad!
    Suggested by @TT
  32. Watched an entire season of law and nothing new in my life
    Suggested by @jfiguere
  33. I had a glass bottle thrown at me in Santa Monica by a woman on the street who I simultaneously felt bad for and who terrified me. I considered calling the cops but I felt guilty & I've been conflicted about it all day bc she could have really hurt someone but I don't trust that she would have gotten help & I didn't want to simply punish her. Sad.
    Suggested by @carlybee
  34. I bought myself flowers because Monday.
    Suggested by @heyitsalison
  35. Played 99 Leuf Balloons on repeat for a German two year old who was losing his shit over this classic party jam. Then he asked me to play Shake it Off...
    Suggested by @originalamericantrt
  36. I learned that it is really important to get liposuction on the FUPA when you get your tummy done. A close elderly female relative informed me. Namaste.
    Suggested by @SaraJBenincasa
  37. I had the most Parmesan and aoli covered tots at my favorite bar, while watching soccer with great friends. Win, take two.
    Suggested by @sacco
  38. I was awakened at 6am to the incessant yapping of my neighbor's dog. I fell back to sleep and dreamt that I was the incessant dog barking angrily at my own window. When I woke up again the dog was silent and hasn't been heard from since.
    Suggested by @Hyner
  39. We filmed scenes from girls at the NY1 station headquarters and I saw my favorite TV personality Pat Kiernan sitting alone at his anchor desk just thinking!
    Suggested by @lenadunham
  40. at 25 years old, watched Inglorious Basterds for the first time today because Netflix.
    saw a familiar face
    Suggested by @stephen
  41. I walked up and down larchmont with @kerily & @Jack and I loved every step
    Suggested by @sophia
  42. I took a afternoon "run meeting" in a SF heat wave. It was 86. That's hot for us.
    Suggested by @donnie
  43. Taught a 4 year old how to spell the word "poop".
    I made him sound it out.
    Suggested by @kstud
  44. I felt sad and anxious so I took a Xanax. and still felt sad and anxious.
    Suggested by @stacymichelle
  45. I ate my first strawberry of the season and it was absolutely perfect.
    Suggested by @sierra
  46. Got in a near collision with man in wheel chair. He was running a red light. I was on a bike.
    Suggested by @elooto
  47. Commiserated on a miserable day with a wonderful girlfriend
    Suggested by @LevNovak
  48. Was sitting on a bench having a fine time and some dude plopped down next to me and started talking about his awful day.
    Suggested by @lgw
  49. Tried to put the milk back in the fridge with the ice cream lid on top...
    Suggested by @aedan
  50. I bought $50 worth of dog treats.
    Suggested by @aidybryant
  51. I had sautéed octopus and it was scrumptious!
    Suggested by @mikenickerson
  52. Biked through Ding Darling and happily sited the white pelican that has not left the island yet and we thought was sick and dying but NO still hanging in there all alone on the water
    Suggested by @robyn
  53. I emailed my roommates to let them know that my girlfriend and I broke up. That's the closest I've come to crying while writing a two line email.
    Suggested by @eblarden
  54. I hurt my back lifting weights and lied about it because telling people I hurt myself lifting weights sounds douchey
    Suggested by @tombatten
  55. I was forgiven for packing PB&J in the kids' lunches
    Suggested by @PeterKaplan
  56. My ex made contact for the first time by "liking" an article my sister posted about my promotion.
    Suggested by @jeffstern
  57. I was the last one in the office so I filmed weird snapchats at my colleagues' desks
    Suggested by @HilaryKissinger
  58. This afternoon I finally updated my iPhone software and my phone (a 5S) is actually working better than it was before. Prior to that, and especially this morning, it was working TERRIBLY. The fact that this coincided with today's big Apple conference is suspicious.
    Suggested by @stamos
  59. Took a dance-based exercise class where the choreo got more and more complicated and everyone in my brain died and all the dance girls went left and I went right and really hurt someone
    Suggested by @thebfg
  60. I got to/had to read the naughty confessions in Cosmo for a work project 😊😁😎
    Suggested by @Mary
  61. Spent quite a bit of time discussing what the song of the summer will be with @aprilkquioh (Spoiler: she does NOT think it will/should be Trap Queen).
    Suggested by @caffrin
  62. I cry-laughed with my sister for 20 minutes today on the phone while she told me the grossest story ever about visiting her brother-in-law's apartment. It involved his naked roommate and his random piles of poop.
    Suggested by @sarahkieffer
  63. Looked at this amazing sardine skateboard i received in mail from Russ And Daughters a lot.
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    Suggested by @preston
  64. Listened to a very brave woman tell a room of people at Mass General Hospital tell of her struggle with depression for years and how she got help.
    Suggested by @Anne
  65. I finally bought a brown belt to go with my brown shoes and I realized Century City mall is really quite empty on Monday nights.
    Suggested by @jwsipkins
  66. My co-workers and I loudly sang "You Learn" by Alanis Morrisette together. It was great.
    Suggested by @Nikki
  67. Ate a bowl of cherries while hunting for stock photos of alien planets
    Suggested by @vanessariegel
  68. Hung out with former boss and realized over the branzino that he was now looking at me for guidance. Had a moment of feeling cocky, then felt terrified, like "Who said I get to make all the rules? Isn't someone else the grownup??"
    Suggested by @videodrew
  69. a capri sun exploded on me
    Suggested by @mollyyeh
  70. I sent my short script to an actor and it was scary
    Suggested by @CarlosHerrera
  71. I accepted a fun/challenging/pretty lucrative writing assignment. And then I went to a tequila tasting.
    Suggested by @seantimberlake
  72. Watched my wife get into an Uber so she could go to LAX and fly to St. Louis for the next three days.
    Suggested by @angusisley
  73. Went to Trader Joes for lunch and bought way too much food.
    Suggested by @yesthatdavid
  74. Was at an event with fewer than 200 people and somehow didn't notice that Bill Clinton was there for fifteen minutes bc I was so deeply engrossed in convo with guy who does Earth Day programming. [Beat it, nerd.]
    Suggested by @NoahGeisel
  75. Amy Poehler offered me a job
    Suggested by @dandylyons
  76. My cat Button sat in my lap while I sewed
    Suggested by @sam
  77. @AJ and I got ice cream with @lilydiamond & @lindsinger then saw Lauren Graham & Mae Whitman also getting ice cream.
    Both AJ & I were very pleased that we had the self control to refrain from asking for a photo or interrupting their conversation. Also, I was inexplicably happy to see that they actually hang out together now that Parenthood has ended.
    Suggested by @eatthelove
  78. I got my credit card bill and thought about all the clothes I purchased that I should return but then I just paid it instead
    Suggested by @JP
  79. Did crossfit, went swimming, ate cheese
    Suggested by @eliotglazer
  80. My 6-year-old son told me he loved me because I beat Dr. Donut in Card Wars.
    He thinks his old man is the coolest game player in town.
    Suggested by @evanp
  81. I leaned forward to shake someone's hand across a table after a meeting and when I sat back down my rolling chair and slid backward and I fell on the floor.
    Suggested by @erinwhitehead