Know a great one? Please include it with title and link.
  1. Whatever happened to Eddie Furlong ::
    Suggested by @bobbyhundreds
  2. The study of the end of the world. Includes all historical cultural predictions of Armageddon
    Suggested by @dcerruti
  3. List of Fictional Colors
    Suggested by @jeb
  4. Every time you think "this can't possibly get any worse" it somehow does.
    Suggested by @mcgoogle
  5. Hyperloop: high speed transport of the future
    Suggested by @brandonday
  6. Negative Capability
    Suggested by @biz
  7. List of common misconceptions
    Suggested by @sarahgorman
  8. I just find her so fascinating. Vlad gets a lot of credit for being the OG Dracula, but she's a big part of the vamp mythos, too.
    Suggested by @jb_piper
  9. A quote I love from it: "We have this need for some larger-than-life creature."
    Suggested by @babystevens
  10. Suggested by @erinkron
  11. The Order of Gimghoul
    Suggested by @halrhorer
  12. List of nicknames used by President George W. Bush
    Suggested by @santanamarcelina
  13. Suggested by @garbage
  14. Combat Medics
    Medics are awesome. Thanks to all the Troops.
    Suggested by @JoseMakesFood
  15. list of dragons
    Suggested by @jessacosta
  16. Suggested by @mother
  17. memorize these
    Suggested by @kiptok
  18. I know. So much. About. This man. But on the real his life was low key insane.
    Suggested by @marymurphy
  19. i love alllll the color articles but it gets quite science-y. magenta is not a real color. we perceive it as a way to bridge the opposite ends of the visible spectrum
    Suggested by @kiptok
  20. Latin! List! Who can lose?
    Suggested by @kaitmaree
  21. Suggested by @thatsavagegirl
  22. Frank Lloyd Wright's page details exactly why he was so prolific/iconic and sheds some light on his interesting (and surprisingly dark) personal life
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    Suggested by @TheAVClub
  23. I saw "The Singularity" casually mentioned a few times in a @washingtonpost article once as if I should know what it was... woah.
    Suggested by @lizabeth
  24. Suggested by @jennelane
  25. D.B. Cooper
    Suggested by @WhelmedDad
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    Suggested by @Celina
  27. A list of lists
    Suggested by @yrfriendrachel
  28. Suggested by @chantiburnette
  29. Inventions that killed the inventor
    Suggested by @askgeebs
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    Such a beautiful concept.
    Suggested by @aminam
  31. Players carried him into the stadium on game day, until they started refusing because he "grew larger and more ferocious, leading Yost to conclude, 'it was obvious that the Michigan mascots had designs on the Michigan men toting them.'
    Suggested by @kimboslce
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    Before you ask, yes this is the real title. I think it's fitting considering we're on The List App
    Suggested by @TheOffice
  33. Liver Transplantation
    Suggested by @AlexandraLouise
  34. How meta is that ?
    Suggested by @Lisa_Fav
  35. The history, usage, and fun/odd facts about 2 slices of bread with fillings in between.
    Suggested by @LizDawson
  36. The Intelligence of Dogs. A scientific method to rank dog breeds by their intelligence. Every time I think about a breed of dog I might want, I check it on the list.
    Suggested by @kelseylongino
  37. Zelda Fitzgerald It's filled with gems of F Scott sleeping with prostitutes to prove he isn't having an affair with Ernest Hemingway and then possibly forgetting to tell Zelda about it. At one point Zelda THROWS herself down the stairs because F Scott was talking to Isadora Duncan.
    Suggested by @sugar
  38. List of Publicly Unexplained Human Disappearances
    Suggested by @jdoo
  39. A look into the tragic life of an early feminist who wrote a game-changing novel as a teenager, her influences, the obstacles she overcame, and her impact.
    Suggested by @moonjockey
  40. Um are you guys even trying: MEGAFAUNA
    Suggested by @adammrich
  41. Suggested by @mollmadness
  42. Rosemary Kennedy
    Because her life was super interesting and sad and her dad had her lobotomized and why isn't that talked about?
    Suggested by @sammmreid
  43. New York City Subway
    Suggested by @jakelevine
  44. Suggested by @amieshmamie