Thank you to all the cool places, cool people.
  1. Mona's - great dive bar in the east village with the best juke box
    Suggested by @film114
  2. If you know any good places, please add in suggestions below!
  3. Bowery hotel
    Suggested by @lesleyarfin
  4. Max fish
    Suggested by @lesleyarfin
  5. The Dead Rabbit
    Technically, the best new cocktail bar in New York. The punch is pretty good.
    Suggested by @maddiecalls
  6. Attaboy
    Where Milk & Honey used to be on the LES. You have to knock on the door to enter, but not in an annoying "ooh look at us we're a speakeasy" way. (ie they don't have old timey mustaches or anything) They do the "tell us what you like and we'll make you a drink thing" and the results are good (also strong).
    Suggested by @hillary
  7. The Blind Barber
    By day it's a hipster barber shop that offers a complimentary drink with every service and by night it transforms into a speakeasy bar/lounge complete with secret doors and the best booze and music. Come here if you're feeling "alt" and wanna drink with the LES and Williamsburg crowd and be semi-exclusive. You can find me drinking $3 colt 45 in the corner bustin' a move to Lil Kim (because the occasionally play old school trackz)
    Suggested by @em
  8. Art Bar. Just a regular joint upfront, go behind the curtain in the back for amazingly comfy couches, table service, and some weirdly great custom art on the walls, including a giant mural of celebrities at the last supper.
    Suggested by @lukas
  9. Rabbit Club
    Underground on MacDougall. Consistently the most interesting selection of beers I've ever seen. Puts most "craft" lists to shame.
    Suggested by @maddiecalls
  10. Raines Law Room
    Suggested by @Grosstastic
  11. Dimes
    Where the cool kids are according to @hillary
  12. Angel's Share
    Quiet haven hidden inside the rowdy Village Yokocho. Strict rules about noise levels, which I appreciate...(8 Stuyvesant St)
    Suggested by @Laura
  13. Nurse Bettie
    LES- small. Nothing fancy, but strong drinks. Good tunes and Burlesque on Thursdays.
    Suggested by @michelle
  14. Buvette
    Little french place in W. Village. My buddy Hartwell minds the drinks at the bar. Good crowd. Good small eats.
    Suggested by @michelle
  15. Smith and Mills
  16. Manhattan Cricket Club
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    UWS. Upstairs of Burke & Wills. Beautiful, cozy, delicious drinks. I believe they take reservations now.
    Suggested by @sarahyuro