These ideas still come to me sometimes. I'll keep updating this list. @mindy
  1. "Beets by Dwight"
    Dwight is convinced to market his beets in a modern, Apple-esque online style, branding them under the moniker "Beets by Dwight." He adapts his entire lifestyle accordingly.
  2. "Snowden"
    Ryan leaks all of Dunder Mifflin's emails, envisioning himself as a Snowden-esque counter-culture hero. All the emails are personal.
  3. "Ice Bucket Challenge"
    Michael sets out to create the most popular ALS Ice Bucket Challenge yet.
  4. "I Do Not Decline to Be Counseled by The Pharmacist"
    You know how when you pick up a prescription they have you check a box that says "I Decline to Be Counseled By The Pharmacist"? Michael Scott would never decline. In this episode he would get what he perceived to be life changing counseling from the pharmacist, and then continue revisiting the pharmacist several times throughout the day as he dealt with work and personal issues.
  5. More to come