1. Giant ice cube tray
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    I always found a bar to be exceptionally fancy and impressive when they put a single giant ice cube in your drink instead of several small ones. It somehow seemed that this must be expensive or something. Then I realized I could probably buy a giant ice cube tray. I could, it turned out, on Amazon.
  2. "True Love" by Chris Killip
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    I once took a photography class under a great photographer, Chris Killip. He pointed out that I was drawn to taking pictures of text. This embarrassed me until I embraced it later and took the Instagram picturesoftext. He took one of the best, if not the best, pictures of text ever: a man staring at the tiny graffiti of the words "true love." I saw a print of it for sale years later at a gallery in Boston and bought it.
  3. Original Wesley Willis drawing
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    In college, I was a big fan of schizophrenic street musician Wesley Willis. I made it a point to meet him, and did. Years after he died, I searched to see if any of his art was available online. It was, and I got this beautiful piece, a very happy drawing from a very complicated person.
  4. Cast photo from Inglourious Basterds
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    The most exciting honor of my life so far was to be in a Quentin Tarantino movie. This cast photo is the object that makes that real to me.
  5. Outline of a Klonopin pill left for me at Chateau Marmont
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    A friend left this for me when I was reeling from heartbreak and anxiety and self-inflicted drama. When I found this months later, I thought, hey, this makes my life look cool, I'mma frame this.