It's been nearly twenty years since the rules of Fight Club were first introduced, and the world has changed a lot since then. Some proposed amendments to the rules of Fight Club:
  1. Don't beat yourself up
    Literally and figuratively! There was a famous case of a guy beating himself up that would be best not to repeat. And on a broader level, remember that everyone's going to lose an average of 50% of his or her fights. No need to be too hard on yourself! 😊
  2. Talk about Fight Club!
    By all means, talk about Fight Club! It's time we admitted that's a huge part of our appeal: the macho pride afforded to those who participate in such a dangerous activity. It's also how we get new members. (And it's time to admit the old policy just wasn't working.) Talk about it, tweet about it, spread the word!
  3. Please turn cell phones off or to "airplane mode" during fights
    Phone calls and texting during fights is a distraction to the fighters. Please make sure all cell phones are on silent or airplane mode. If you are recording video, please wait to upload to a streaming platform after the fight has concluded.