On Thursday night, I will be interviewing the gifted and unique cartoonist and writer @BEKaplan about his new memoir, "I Was A Child." Anyone who knows him or his work have a question?
  1. See intro for details. Please contribute!
  2. He's had cartoons in New Yorker AND National Lampoon; written for Seinfeld AND Girls. What is it about his sensibility that translates from the most "PG" projects to the most explicit? Does he prefer working "clean" or with less restrictions?
    Suggested by @angusisley
  3. Ask him about Six Feet Under
    A lot of people think this is the seminal HBO drama even more than The Sopranos and The Wire! Use of the death/cold open device pretty groundbreaking at that time - was it freeing or limiting to write those? Also he met his wife Kate Robin on SFU!
    Suggested by @Goldie
  4. Can you talk about approaching writing comics vs. longer forms and what's similar, different, or ways in which one might inform the other?
    Suggested by @HeatherQuinn