1. Too many amazing lists to read
  2. Intimidation factor due to the masterpieces of @zoe
  3. Drowning in list requests from @mkz
    Just kidding @mkz! I love your list requests. And your work. 🙏
  4. Not enough list requests from everyone else
    Send them my way!
  5. Busy cooking everything on @gabimoskowitz's lists
  6. Busy exploring the LA of @paigeyp
  7. Reading every book recommended by @maddiecalls
  8. Reliving the days vividly described and photographed by @Grosstastic
  9. Laughing and thinking in whatever direction @lesleyarfin leads me
  10. Stressing over my position in @charlie's power rankings
  11. Riding the highs and lows of life described by @LevNovak
  12. Working overtime with @dev to build and refine this as quickly as you guys find new ways to use it